About Parkour Block 3D

Parkour Block 3D is a skill game in which you need to move and jump on brick platforms to reach the portal. Let's use your skills to overcome all levels.

Online games always bring new and interesting feelings to players. They will always be innovative and diverse. There will be actions in real life that will be very dangerous to your health. However, when it comes to the virtual world, you can take action online. You can drive sports cars at breakneck speeds, fight aliens, fly helicopters, or parkour across tight platforms in Parkour Block 3D. This game can unwind your mind with a thrilling feeling.

Parkour Block 3D and Minecraft

You must be familiar with the Minecraft game if you are a snow online game lover. In this game, you can explore and build your own world. The special thing about this game is its graphics. You can see the distinctive features of the graphics of this game. It is this that has made the game stand out and attracted hundreds of millions of plays. However, you feel this game is not thrilling enough. Why don't you try Parkour Block 3D? Although the gameplay is different, the graphics are the same. You will have more difficulty and have to apply more skills in this parkour game. Of course, your skills will also be honed through the levels of this game. Don't wait any more, come and enjoy this game!

Play parkour online

Are you interested in the parkour sport? However, it is an extreme sport that can cause hurt in real life. Don't worry, now you will have a chance to make some impossible jumps in Minecraft World. Come and explore some interesting things about parkour Block 3D now! This game is developed by Poly Games and it will be released in July 2021. The game will turn you into a parkour player who is very brave. You will jump on varied platforms instead of buildings. One special thing is you will play in first person view, so you will have a realistic experience.

Besides, you will have a chance to try various maps which bring wonderful moments for you. Parkour Block 3D is increasingly popular all over the world. The difficulty and attractive gameplay of this game are main factors that make many gamers fall in love with this game. Now, the game is available on our web and you can play the game for free. Let's clear your mind with mind-blowing jumps in the Minecraft world. The good news for you is that Parkour Block 3D is unblocked at school or work. So you can play the game whenever you want. This is great, isn't it?

The objective of this game

Your main character has been thrown into a world that is covered with lava. Just one touch of lava can make your character disappear. How to help him escape from this scary world? The only way is to go to the portal. This is the only way out of this game. So, in this game, your mission is to reach a purple portal at the end of the route. Of course, the way to the portal isn't simple. There is no flat road. Therefore, you have to overcome the platforms which are floating on an infinite sea of lava. You just need to slide off the platforms, your character will sink in lava. Naturally, you will also have to start this game again. Running and jumping are the main activities of your life in Parkour Block 3D.

Facing difficulties of Parkour Block 3D

What about the levels and difficulty of this game? The game offers 35 levels for you to challenge your skills. The higher level you are, the more challenges you face. Beware of the fast-moving platforms and timing is critical to advance the level. Specially, you must get over a series of brick platforms with different distances and sizes. Moreover, the platforms are also very slippery and your character can slide from them. That is the reason why you should estimate the distance and size of platforms to have correct jumps. If you make a small mistake, you immediately fall into the lava and replay that level. Don't worry, you can play the levels as many times as you need. With each replay, you can know some new useful things and change your strategy accordingly to the level's difficulty. Although the game provides a realistic view (first-person view), you will get into some trouble with it. It is challenging to define your position, so you can easily fall into the lava.

How to overcome challenges in Parkour Block 3D

Are you familiar with the gameplay? This game has easy gameplay and simple control. So, everyone can experience this challenging game. It's time to discover some steps to conquer this game. If you are a beginner, these steps are for you. You should read this introduction before entering the game.

Jump from platform to platform

Parkour Block 3D is designed with many obstacles and difficulties. To win the game, you must use your control and estimate skills to make suitable jumps. You will jump on the varying blocks. The brown blocks may be big or small or they can be movable or still. Keep in mind that you should jump in the middle of the blocks. Failing many times helps you have more experiments to tackle the challenge of that level. Before jumping, take a quick look at all the blocks you need to overcome and where the purple portal is.

Know the length

Before jumping you must determine the distance between the character and the platform. This will be very difficult when you cannot define the location of the character. You can use the character's hand to know the position and direction. This is very helpful. Moreover, you can look down while jumping so you can see the landing point more easily. Then adjust the jump force so that you don't jump too high or too far for the calculated distance.

Remember the difficult path

When you face difficult roads, it can take a long time to overcome. You may even have to try more than once. Each time you try, you need to remember the problems when going down that road. From there, you can come up with a specific and reasonable strategy to overcome in the next play. Remember that time is unlimited, so you can think carefully before playing the game.

Bigger is better

Any online game when played on the big screen will always feel better. However, this is not required. We recommend playing this Parkour Block 3D game in full screen for a better experience. This game can be run on both computers and mobile devices. You will not need to spend time installing the game. Now you just need to visit our website to play this game.

Some notes when playing this game

In the beginning, you can see two buttons which are the start and choose levels buttons. You can press the start button if you want to start the game. However, when you want to continue the level of the previous play, you can press the choose levels button.

You can get stars after completing a level. The maximum for each level is 3 stars. The faster you can pass the level and the fewer attempts you have, the more stars you can get. How many stars can you get? We are still waiting for your reply.

You can challenge your friends to the Parkour Block 3D game. Let's see who can conquer 35 levels fastest and who can win the most stars.

This game is fun and interesting for everyone including children. With simple but impressive graphics, the game does not bring elements of violence. Therefore, parents can rest assured to let their children play games. More than just entertainment, this game is a great way to help kids improve their math skills.

Game controls

  • Press WASD or arrow keys to navigate the character
  • Press the spacebar to jump
  • Left shift to run
  • Double Esc for back to menu
  • Swipe the mouse to rotate the camera


Is this an endless game?

No, the game has many levels for players to enjoy.

Can this game run directly on the web browser?

Yes, thanks to HTML5 technology, you can play this game on the web browser.

What is the mission of players in Parkour Block 3D?

You have to jump to reach the purple portal.

Does this game have limited time?

No, it doesn't. However, the finished time will affect the stars after each level. The more quickly you complete a level, the more stars you get.

Can I play this game on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can. Moreover, you can enjoy this game on desktop, tablet or smart devices. Come and experience this great game. You will have a much more relaxing time after a long day. Good luck!