About Traffic Jam 3D

The goals of the game

Traffic Jam 3D is an exciting adventure game. On these roads, keep your steering stable, drive at nitro speed, and complete your adventurous voyage.

This is an entertaining game that simulates driving a car. From the luxury of the driver's seat, you may take in the most pleasant aspects of your trip. It can be said that the game gives you a realistic driving experience. You will experience driving at high speed, overtaking other cars, and avoiding collisions. They will draw you in and immerse you.

Let's find out some key goals that you must accomplish. Firstly, you have to speed up your car on the road. The higher the vehicle speed, the more coins and gold coins you get. This money will become useful when you use it to upgrade your car. If you are a big fan of speedy games, you can play Traffic Tour.

Second, you need to pass other cars on the road. There are many vehicles on the road. The road will become more and more crowded, you have to be clever to pass them. You will receive a bonus each time you pass a car. Try to get as much money as possible.

Next, you have to avoid collisions with other cars. If you collide with them, you may have to replay the game. Therefore, when accelerating, you need to be very careful or you will have an accident. You need to use the brake to stop the car in time. Look in your rearview mirror to make sure that when you change lanes, no other vehicle will hit you.

Finally, the game also requests you to reach the checkpoint within the allotted time. The timer will go back in time. Therefore, acceleration is essential to be able to accomplish this goal.

How to play

In the game, you must steer your car well to complete your tasks. On the road, you must change your lane to avoid crashing into other vehicles. Depending on the type of game mode, there will be different requirements and tasks. If you complete the task excellently, you will get a lot of money and gold coins as a worthy reward. So take control of the car and join the game.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to steer.

Use the up arrow key to accelerate.

Use the down arrow keys to decelerate/ brake.

Use the left arrow key to turn left.

Use the right arrow key to turn right.

Some remarkable features of Traffic Jam 3D

Many amazing automobiles

Before playing the game, you can select your car. There are a lot of supercars for you. Each car has some attractive features. In addition, the performance rating of the car among cars is different. When you choose a car, you must focus on the statistics of the car, such as the engine, brake, and handling. Depending on the game modes and the level you choose, you can click the best car to start the game. To buy the car, you must collect as much money as possible. You must drive the longest distance or drive faster than other cars.

The game modes

The game offers four game modes, including the Career, Infinite, Time Against, and Free modes.

  • The Career mode: This game mode gives you many levels. You can start the game with level 1. In this game mode, you must accelerate the car and try to overcome many other cars to get money and coins. You also try to reach the checkpoints in time.
  • The Infinite mode: This game mode is highly exciting. You can selectively steer your car on the highway, city, or desert. You can also set up to drive your car in the morning, at sunset, or at night. One way or two way can be selected.
  • The Time Against mode: To start this game mode, you must set up your road and time to drive, which is similar to the Infinite mode. However, in the game mode, you must try to finish the track within the allotted time.
  • The Free mode: You do not have any pressure when playing the game mode. You can drive your car freely. You do not need to try to reach the checkpoints in time or overcome a lot of cars to earn money or coins. This game mode is suitable for everyone.

The garage of the game

Customize your car

To make your car become attractive, you can click the garage button to customize it. You can change your car's colors or the steering wheel's color. When your car has a new color, it will become brilliant, and eye-catching. Then, you also feel funny when joining the game. The price of changing color is cheaper than purchasing other cars.

Upgrade your car

You can make your car become more powerful by boosting it. You can boost your car's engine, wheels, and steering wheel. In addition, you can adjust the gear ratio, ride height, front camber, and rear camber. When you exchange them, your car can conquer many kinds of tracks in the game.