About Death Run 3D

The game rules

Death Run 3D is a fast-paced running game giving relaxing and comfortable moments. Run in the neon tunnel to avoid all the obstacles and get the maximum score.

Even though this game is not easy to play, it's still exciting and addictive. To begin the game, you need to change your name and choose the mode of the game. The game brings you 4 modes to play including Maelstrom, Superluminal, Hyper superluminal, and Hyper maelstrom with intensified difficulty. In the 2 first modes, you need to face the unpredictable movement of pipelines and obstacles. Hyper superluminal and Hyper maelstrom are the upgraded versions of Maelstrom and Superluminal. The movement of pipelines and obstacles will be faster and harder to avoid. If you are a beginner, you can try Maelstrom and Superluminal. Then, you can try Hyper superluminal, and Hyper maelstrom to experience the feeling of stimulation and excitement. Choose the most suitable mode for you.

In the game, you will run in an endless tunnel. You need to try to overcome all the obstacles and the movement of the pipelines. They will create many unexpected and unpredictable difficulties for you. Be careful and observant to pass through all of them. Your obstacles can be blocks, staircases, cabinets, walls, barriers, or rotating boxes. They can move up and down, turn left, turn right, or rotate. Try to overcome them and stay as long as possible.

The game will be over when you have a collision with obstacles. Try to survive as long as possible to get a high score. If you get a high score, you can rank in a high position on the leaderboard. You also can complete the challenges in the leaderboard. There are many challenges for you to try. If you finish one of them, you will get a badge and an extra score. This game is an excellent opportunity for you to boost your hand-eye coordination skill and increase your agility and observation ability. If you are interested in this game, you can enjoy Geometry Dash Bloodbath and Geometry Dash Lite. They are must-try games one time in life.

How to control

  • Computer

Press the ARROW keys or the WASD keys to move

  • Mobile phones

Slide to the left, right, up, or down of the screen.

Facts about Death Run 3D

Developer and platform

This game was developed by Kevin Wang. It was released in July 2021. You are free to play this game on smart devices such as computers, laptops, Macs, or mobile phones.

Some effective strategies

  • You need to pay attention and anticipate the movement of blocks, pipelines, and obstructions to overcome. Sometimes it is so hard for you to change your direction or overcome when close to crashing into an obstacle.
  • Keep calm and stay awake in front of unpredictable changes or movements of obstacles and pipelines. When you see an unexpected change in the pipeline, stay calm and move quickly.
  • The movements and obstacles in Maelstrom and Superluminal are so easy for you to pass through. However, it will be quicker and harder in the next 2 levels. If you are a beginner, let's start with Maelstrom and Superluminal.

Useful information about Death Run 3D

The leaderboard in the game

You will see a leaderboard on the main screen. Your score and the scores of other players will be recorded in it. On the leaderboard, the players who have the highest score in a day, in a week, in a month, and in all the years will be ranked in a position. However, the number of people who can get a position on the leaderboard is limited. Therefore, if you want to be on this list, you need to try to live as long as possible. The leaderboard is an important thing to inspire us to get a high score.

Some awesome achievements

There are a total of 13 challenges that you can achieve. Each achievement can be attained by completing daily or long-term challenges. They include scoring 250, 300, and 600 in Maelstrom, scoring 500 in Superluminal, getting a score of 100, 300, and 900 in Hyper maelstrom, and getting scores of 300, 600, 750, 900, and 1000 in Hyper superluminal. Some achievements are in the easy levels which you can easily get. However, there are some hard levels that require you to put in a lot of effort to achieve. There are 3 easy levels, 5 medium levels, and 5 hard levels. Some achievements you can get when you retry the game many times. Some challenges require you to come back every day to play the game again and attain the achievement. Besides, for some hard achievements, you need to try your best to get as many scores as possible. If you finish these achievements, you will receive some special badges. Try to complete all the achievements to unlock these badges.