About X-Parkour


X-Parkour is a passionate parkour game where you have to make awesome jumps to get over all obstacles on the way. Are you ready for a new adventure?

Are you interested in parkour sports? You can see parkour professionals on social networks and you want to be a pro like them. However, you can't do it in real life, X-Parkour will satisfy your favorite. The game offers 20 levels to challenge your skills and the difficulty level will increase when you level up. You can enjoy the game to relax and express stress. It also can help you to practice your skills and train your brain.

What's more, you can play as a stickman character. The third-person perspective game gives you real experience. You will control your character to finish the challenging levels. Try to advance to the following levels to become the champion. You will be more likely to win if you practice hard. You will easily catch up with the game and understand its mechanics. You will also become more proficient at making amazing jumps.

How to play

You need to master jumping from one platform to the others. When you jump over successfully, you are closing to the end of the level. So, you should jump carefully to avoid falling off the platform. In addition, you also encounter a lot of obstacles. You have to slide under the obstacles or jump the highest to pass them. When you collide with them, you will lose and back to the starting point. Make an effort to run the longest distance and reach the finish line. Besides, you have to know the distance between your stickman and the obstacle to jump at the right time. The traps may be narrow or wide. You must observe them closely before jumping over. Next, along the way, you can utilize some support items like motorbikes, rockets, etc. You can use them to complete your task easily. The game will become easier than ever. Finally, do not forget to collect as many yellow blocks as possible. Gathering the yellow blocks is one of the tasks you must finish. Each level has different required yellow blocks. The higher level you play, the more yellow blocks you must collect. How many levels can you pass in this game?

How to control

Use the right arrow key to forward.

Use the left arrow key to go back.

Use the up arrow key to jump.

Use the down arrow key to squat.

Some remarkable features of X-Parkour

The medal you can get

In this game, there are 3 timelines corresponding to the gold, silver, and bronze medal. For example, in level 1, you must reach the finish line in 45 minutes if you want to get the gold medal. When you complete the level in 55 minutes or 1 hour and 5 minutes, the medals you get are silver and bronze medals. Therefore, try your best to complete the levels as fast as possible to get the gold medal. However, getting a gold medal is not easy. You have to be sure that you will reach your destination without losing your life.

The obstacles you must encounter

In the game, there are a lot of obstacles and traps. They can be sharp spikes, huge pendulums, or soaring walls. Both of them are hazardous and deadly. You must move cleverly to avoid them. Try not to crash into them. You can double-press the up arrow key to jump higher. Then, you have to use the left or right arrow keys to cling to the platform to climb.

The levels in the game

There are 20 levels for you to try. You will have to go through extremely difficult levels. They force you to be agile, smart, and proficient to get through. Each level will have different timelines for you to complete the level. If you complete the level as soon as possible, you will get a gold medal. In addition, each game will require a different number of yellow blocks. You must collect enough yellow blocks to advance to the next level. Do not make your character collide with the obstacles to finish the level in the shortest time. Good luck!

2D stickman game art animation

Like Stick Duel: Medieval Wars, your character in the game is a stickman. He has very unique movements. The rhythmic movements make it easy for him to overcome obstacles. In addition, you can also feel the smoothness when controlling your character. You will have more space and new experiences when participating in this game. Control your character to overcome platforms, and obstacles and reach the finish line. The graphics are simple but it is highly attractive. They will make you unable to take your eyes off the game. You will immerse yourself in this exciting game. Join the game now to experience it.