About Parkour Block 2

Parkour Block 2 is a fun skill game which has many challenging levels of parkour jumping. Are you ready to jump from one block to another block?

Parkour means jumping from one platform to another platform. The distance between these platforms is far from together. You may see many parkour players on TV. These parkour players may jump from a roof of a building to another building. You wish you can make some cool actions like them. However, this is too dangerous in real life. You can get hurt from dangerous actions.

This game is the second version of the Parkour Block series. Only skilful players can pass all levels. They have to combine their powers of observation and calculation to overcome the challenges. If this game is too hard for you. The Parkour Craft difficulty will be better for you.

Make some awesome jumps in the game

Parkour Block 2 is a 3D run and jump game that was designed as same as the gameplay mechanics of Parkour Block 3D. This version includes 42 levels to complete. The main character is still Steve who has never been afraid of travel, especially since the journey involves many obstacles. He will overcome them with the awesome parkours. Click on the game to enjoy a skill game and classic mode in the browser on your computer or phone. Many new levels and more mechanics are waiting for you.

Developer and Release Date

Parkour Block 2 is developed by Poly Games. It is released on August 26, 2021.

More useful information in Parkour Block 2

As I mentioned, not every player can pass the levels. You need to be patient because more tries bring more experience. Children can play this game because of its simple graphics. Moreover, this game is designed with HTML5 technology, so it can be playable on desktop and mobile. Hope you will have a more exciting time with this game!

The gameplay

In this game, you will help Steve find out the way to escape from a maze. There is only one way to get out which is to jump through the blocks. You have to use your skills to jump on the blocks because the lave and flames are under the blocks. If your character fall, the game will be over. Your final objective is to reach the purple gate. The game is more challenging when you play in first-person view. However, don't lose hope, you can courage yourself to replay the game. Try many times can increase your skills. One tip is you should swipe the mouse around to know your location and target position. Beware of the slippery blocks. Your character may slip out of blocks. There is no limited time, so you can make slow movements. Let's play Parkour Block 2 and show your skills right now!

How to control

  • SPACE - jump
  • WASD - move
  • LEFT SHIFT running
  • Swipe the mouse to look around.