About Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is an endless game where you need to control a group of zombies to keep running. Avoid many obstacles and collect coins on the road.

The world is being invaded by zombies in Zombie Tsunami

Welcome to the zombie world. Let's turn the human world into a zombie world together. Here, you will have to make jumps like Parkour Block 3D to overcome deadly traps. You think it is easy to play. It is true of the first parts of the road. The further parts will confuse you.

Talking Zombie Tsunami is a very funny and funny game. This is a very popular game on Android and iPhone phones. This can also be the childhood of many people. Now you can play Zombie Tsunami online on pc right on our web. In the game, you will play the role of a zombie with a hobby of eating people and messing around on the streets.

Developer and Release date

Mobigame develops the Zombie Tsunami game. It was released on May 31, 2012.

Explore Zombie Tsunami gameplay

You will start with one zombie and move around the city. There are many obstacles and traps on the road. So, you need to use your skills to avoid all the obstacles. Let's turn everyone into zombies to make a real tsunami happen. When they become zombies, you have to ensure the number of zombies in your group. Do not only avoid obstacles, but your mission is also to collect coins and buy special powers like super zombies, a tsunami or an alien invasion. Survive at least and eat all people in the world to make the biggest tsunami and destroy everything.

Some difficulties you face in this game

Tsunami provides many traps with different mechanics. They can be bombs, moving cars or planes, large gaps, or big bins. Even the objects such as cars, phone booths, etc which contain humans can prevent your zombie army. They can be obstacles if you don’t have enough zombies to destroy them.

As you know when you hit the obstacles, you will lose one zombie. However, you will restart the game immediately if your zombies fall into the gaps. How many scores you can get in this endless game? Remember that the further distance you move, the more points you get.

Dominate the world with some notes in Zombie Tsunami

  • Avoid Moving Vehicles at all costs because they can reduce your number of zombies.
  • Don't upgrade certain items unless necessary. That will waste your coins.
  • Ensure the number of zombies in your group. Don’t let all of them die.
  • Estimate the distance between the zombies and obstacles to have suitable jumps


Can I play this game on PC?

Yes, you can play this game on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

What platforms can the game be played on?

Android, iOS, Windows 10 Mobile.

Can I hack Zombie Tsunami?

We strongly suggest you play this game with your ability. You can make some records by yourself, then beat them.

How to control

Click the mouse to jump and hold to long jump.