About Parkour Block 3

Parkour Block 3 is a 3D adventure game developed by Poly Games. Your task is to find your way to the purple portal by jumping from platform to platform.

Welcome to the new adventurous block game Parkour Block 3! After the success of Parkour Block 2, version 3 was released in November 2021. Here, you will help your character reach the portal. Of course, the road will not be easy. You will have to jump from block to block and avoid falling off blocks. In case you fall into the lava, the game will be over. You can play many different levels in this game, so be prepared for any difficulty in this game!

Move carefully to reach the portal in Parkour Block 3

Your ultimate aim is to reach the portal while staying away from the lava pool at the bottom of each level. The player must judge the distance between the platforms and jump over without falling. You should look around to know the portal and block position. Then, you will make a perfect plan to jump to the destination. Time is unlimited, so you should move step by step carefully. In this game, you play in the first view like in Parkour Block 3D, so it is hard to definite exactly your position. One tip is you the hand of your character to point the direction. Be careful as the platforms will be very slippery.

Some tips for Parkour Block 3

  • As mentioned, the blocks are very slippery. Therefore, it is better to always jump in the middle of the blocks. This reduces the possibility of slipping off the blocks.
  • Playing in the first person will make you easily lose direction and make wrong jumps. Use the character's hand to determine the direction. Move the mouse to look around and remember the terrain.
  • Don't jump when you're not sure you'll be able to jump over the blocks. Choose a reasonable position then jump. Jump blocks one by one and is sure to win.
  • Estimating the distance between your character and blocks is very necessary.

Some interesting information about Parkour Block 3

The game is designed with unique graphics and easy gameplay. However, it requires a skilful estimation and great control skills. If you have enough requirements, you should play the game now. If your skills aren’t good, this game will help you practice them. Of course, when you complete all levels in this parkour game, you will conque any other parkour games.

The levels and blocks in Parkour Block 3

The game offers 43 levels in this chapter and the game scenario is a little changed. You need to find the purple teleport door hidden somewhere on the map. Be careful with ice blocks that can make you slide, and lava blocks. In addition, the green blocks will give you extra jumping force. This chapter is a bit more difficult than the previous chapters. Are you ready to pass all the levels?

Parkour Block 3 game control

On Desktop

  • SPACE - jump
  • WASD - move
  • SHIFT - running
  • Double Escape - Menu

On Mobile