About Ball Rush

The rules

Join in the endless running race in Ball Rush. Guide your ball to overcome all the obstacles and go the furthest distance to get the highest possible score.

With the simple game rule, this game will be a charming adventure for you to immerse into. Click on the play button to start rolling the ball. You need to control your ball to move it on an endless road. There are a lot of obstacles on the road. They are giant crystals or cones. You need to guide the ball to avoid them. Change the movement of the ball by turning left or turning right. To change the lane of the ball, you can click and release the mouse. Try to switch lanes on time to avoid them. You can get one sphere for each cone that you overcome. Besides overcoming the roadblocks, you need to collect the white gems on the road to save up for new spheres. On the screen, you can see the progress bar. If you fill up that bar, you can unlock the next road and choose another ball. You also can gain more spheres by completing the task at the bottom of the screen. There are many tasks for you to complete. If you finish a task, the next task will appear.

You will lose when your ball crashes into any obstacles. It will disappear and become a cloud of stardust. Try to collect more gems to unlock one of the 48 special avatars. You also can use your spheres or gems which you have to skip the task or purchase an extra life. When filling up the progress bar, you can level up. You can revise your result in the result board. Try your best to rank a high position and unlock all the new things in the game. Besides this game, you can immerse yourself in Catch The Impostor, Imposter Expansion Wars, or Stack.

How to play

  • Computer

Press the ARROW keys or the WASD keys to turn left or turn right

Use your mouse to play

  • Mobile phone

Hold and press on the screen

Unknown things about Ball Rush

Some tricks and tips for the game

  • Change the direction of the ball carefully and certainly. Don't hesitate when switching the ball. It will waste your time.
  • Time is the key. You need to choose the most suitable time to switch the ball. Don't switch too slow or too fast.
  • Maintain the distance between the ball and the obstacles. When the distance is too short or too long, you can easily crash into the obstructions.
  • Turn back day by day to get some rewards that are very necessary for you to level up.

Developer and Platform

This game was first released on October 3, 2022. It was created by 2Play. You can play this game on smart devices such as mobile phones, computers, or Macs.

Some helpful information about Ball Rush

The daily rewards and the missions

This game has an interesting reward. That is the daily reward. You can receive the daily rewards in 5 days. It requires you to come back and play the game every day to get these awards. In particular, on the first day, you will receive 50 gemstones and an increase of 500 gems in the progress bar. On the second day, you can receive 100 gems, and an increase of 1000 gems in the progress bar. On the next day, you can receive 150 gems, and boost 1500 gems in the progress bar. On the fourth day, 200 gems are the number of gems you can receive. You also can raise up to 2000 gems in the progress bar. The value of rewards will increase, and they are more interesting in the next few days. These gems will supplement your pocket. Besides the daily rewards, you also have missions that need you to overcome every day. At the bottom of the screen, you will have some missions. There are 76 missions in the game. After finishing the mission, you can get several gems to supplement in the progress bar. When your progress bar is filled up, you can come to the higher levels.

Unlock the roads and balls

In this game, you will have the chance to upgrade from a variety of roads and balls. There are a total of 30 roads and hundreds of balls. They include 18 normal balls, 13 rare balls, 7 epic balls, 6 rank balls, and 4 secret balls. You can upgrade the normal ball freely and easily. However, rare balls and epic balls require you to play all the levels to unlock. With the rank ball, you have 6 ranks that require you to overcome to get the ball including rank 5th, rank 10th, rank 15th, rank 20th, rank 25th, and rank 30th. Secret balls are so hard to get. You need to collect as many gems as possible to unlock them. To unlock the new roads, you need to level up. At each level, you will have a different road.