About Vex 4

Vex 4 is the fourth version of the Vex series game. In this version, you must pass the level by running, jumping, and sliding over deadly obstacles.

Do you love stickman games? If yes, Vex 4 will be your great choice. You will help a stickman jump, slide, swim, fly to be able to avoid deadly obstacles. This game will not be as simple as its graphics. You will have to estimate the time and calculate the travel direction of the moving gears. Just one mistake, and your character will be destroyed immediately. This is not an endless game, so you can go to the end of each level to level up. You can find portals to levels as soon as you enter the game. Vex 4 is also considered a successful version of the Vex series. If you have played Vex 4, you can try the latest Vex version, Vex 7. You can see more interesting and new things than Vex 4.

Explore an ancient library

In the fourth part of the Vex 4 online game, we will help the stickman explore the ancient maze. According to legend, an ancient library with many mysteries is hidden here. However, the road to it contains various dangers and deadly traps. Your hero will have to overcome all of them. If you hit an obstacle or fall straight into hell, you will have to replay each level again. He will need to perform amazing jumps to climb vertical walls. To cross the road, good dexterity and skill are required. Along the way, try to collect support items to help the stickman in this adventure. If you like adventure games, this game is the right choice.

Jump from block to block

This game is not too different from the previous version, not just in graphics but also in gameplay. You must run, jump, slide, climb, or even swim to overcome all obstacles. To reach the end, let's follow the arrows. On your way, you can utilize the orange blocks to bounce you really high, or brown blocks are supported items. Besides, be careful with weak purple blocks and ice. To the glasses, you can hold down the mid-air to kick and smash the glass.

Obstacles often appear

Saw blades: you can see them always in motion and ready to cut anything that comes close. Sometimes it will be tied to a rope to move around.

Weak platforms: they are not sturdy enough to hold your character for a long time. Just touch them, they will automatically fall into the void.

Spikes: spikes that appear side by side in long rows in all versions of Vex. This is probably the most common obstacle in this game.

Alien robot: they can actively chase and attack your character when you get close to them. However, they will only move in a certain direction. Watch closely to win these robots.

The pool: your character can breathe for a long time under the water. You need to control him as quickly as possible to reach the land. Of course, to control the character under water will be more difficult.

Some outstanding characteristics

  • Vex4 is a pretty special action adventure game. This is an off-road running game with quite simple gameplay but extremely interesting. The game will definitely bring you interesting entertainment minutes.
  • This game is designed with zip lines and special blocks. Some blocks will have special effects. In addition, fun sound effects and smooth character movements are also factors that make the game attractive to many players around the world.
  • Pay attention to the small flags along the way. When you pass them, they will turn green. They are checkpoints that will help you keep track of your character's progress. When your character dies, he can start the journey again at the last touch of control he touched.
  • Vex4 is a pretty special action adventure game. This is an off-road running game with quite simple gameplay but extremely interesting. The game will definitely bring you interesting entertainment minutes.
  • You can test your skills through this Vex 4 game. By all means and ingenuity, you need to overcome all obstacles to be able to complete 9 levels, 9 difficulty modes. Can you pass all the levels?

Use keyboard to control

The game has flexible controls but is very simple. Use two AD keys or left/right arrow keys to move in the direction you want. Press the W key or up arrow key to jump up. When you have to go through narrow passages, use the S or down arrow key to crouch and slide through the narrow paths. Also to be able to enter the act by pressing the S key or down arrow. Don't forget to swipe the mouse to check your surroundings. When you know the terrain, you can have more suitable strategies.