About Parkour Craft

You are planning to become the best parkour player in your town. You need to overcome many difficulties. Are you ready to use your skills and gain victory?

Parkour Craft is an enjoyable Minecraft game where you need to help your character jump between platforms. Try to collect three stars and reach the purple portal. In the Minecraft world, many parkours competitions are held and your character enjoys them. Let's help your hero win all competitions.

Pass all levels with some clicks in Parkour Craft

The portal is at the end of the road, you have to overcome many difficulties to reach it. However, there are many obstacles on the road. He can simply run around or climb on them with speed. Remember that if you don't have time to react, your hero will die and you will lose the round. Follow the instruction arrow to go to the destination. On the way, you can see three starts, let's collect all of them. Then, you can pass the level with three starts. One more thing, don't let him fall into the water and win the game. However, don’t too worry when he falls into the water. He can swim, but you always keep the space bar to breathe. Otherwise, the character will sink and you will have to start the game again.

Platforms in Parkour Craft

The game is playable on modern web browsers and plays on smartphones or PCs. Now, you can play the game on our web.

How to save game progress?

You can select local save or online save in Parkour Craft game. Your game data will be saved on your device if you choose to save it locally. Then, you continue to play your game at the last level in that level.

To save online, your process will be saved in the Y8 cloud. It means your game date will not be deleted even if you lose your device.

More information about Parkour Craft

  • The game has easy gameplay as Parkour Block 3D. Just jump and run to the portal. However, the gaps may cause some problems for you. Moreover, it is suitable for all ages, even children and families.
  • The game is a good way to kill time or relax after a long day. Can you conquer this entertaining game?
  • Explore the Minecraft world with many backgrounds. At each level, you will experience many views of different stages. For example, you can see the buildings on the water, the green field, etc.

Levels in Parkour Craft

You will have a chance to play 16 levels in this game. However, you must unlock them one by one. This may be very easy at the first levels. However, you will have another different view if you play the next level. Don’t too worry, you will gain experience through each level. Let’s show your great skills in Parkour Craft. How many levels can you pass? Play the game to have the answer.

How to control

  • Use the arrows to move
  • The space bar to jump
  • Swipe the mouse to look around