About Risky Train Crossing

Welcome to Risky Train Crossing! This is one of the wonderful games that are not only so interesting but also adorable. Join this game, you will transform into a cowboy named Tom. He went to a town to pick up the money stored in the bank there. Your mission is to accompany him, and guide him so that he has to reach the end goal. Along the way, you will see railway crossings of different widths, along which trains will travel at different speeds. You will need to make sure that your character crosses all the tracks safely and doesn't get hit by the train. Are you ready to conquer this game with the highest points you can?

Try to cross the quickest tracks in the game Risky Train Crossing. To help your cowboy hero go a further way, avoid dangerous regions as well. Risky Train Crossing is here to re-introduce you to the world of skill games with crosswalks, a format that has been present in the gaming industry for a while, but as the years pass, as the number of their quality discussed, their quality will undoubtedly increase as they become better developed, as you can see right now with this game.

The requirements of Risky Train Crossing

This game has simple gameplay, and the rules of the game that we are going to explain right now, in the school if you are a new player!

Cross the tracks safely

In this game, your mission is to score as high as possible on the endless road. Accordingly, each of your steps will be counted as one point. However, you will encounter many dangerous obstacles, especially you will have to overcome train tracks, bridges, as well as rivers. In particular, there may be some places with only 1 exit, but there are places with 2 or 3 rails close together. They are even two-way streets, very dangerous. If you're not careful, you might get hit by them and end the game. You need to look on both sides to be able to cross the road without colliding with any cars. Sometimes you also have to cross a river. However, unlike train tracks, you won't need to avoid anything, what you need to do is find the right time to step on a green raft, it can help you get across the road safely.

Collect coins as many as you can

Try your best to use your mouse or arrows, or your finger if you're playing on a mobile device, to avoid obstacles like train tracks and bridges, and to go over rivers. Naturally, the farther you travel on the unending globe, the more points you will receive, so make an effort to travel as far as you can. Collect coins along the way to use the money to help you purchase new outfits for your character. You will undoubtedly have more fun even if the routes get trickier and the trains run quicker as you travel.

Oustanding features of Risky Train Crossing

This game has a simple gameplay but extremely unique features that make players love it. Besides, not only Risky Train Crossing, but other games like Traffic Jam 3D, Fishing 3 Online, and Racing Horizon are also very impressive. These are all highly rated games by gamers, give them a try!

Eye-catching graphics

Risky Train Crossing is a game with quite impressive pixel graphics, along with beautiful images of trees, and trains, as well as lovely characters. Moreover, in Risky Train Crossing, you will experience the sound of trains extremely realistic. Every time a train is about to approach, you will hear the train whistle to warn you not to cross the road at that time. Listen to the train sound coming to help you cross the tracks safely.

Your achievement system in Risky Train Crossing

Coming to this lovely game, each of your significant achievements will be recorded and updated by the game's system, they are displayed in the achievements section. This is like a task board, if you complete the items here you will receive coins as gifts. There are up to 50 items for you to complete, like repeat customers, regular guests, crossing enthusiasts, everyday walkers, or frog impersonators. Try to play well, go far in the endless world of Risky Train Crossing to achieve amazing achievements, and collect more coins.

Unlock new characters in Risky Train Crossing

Coming to this game, you will have the opportunity to receive a lot of coins in many different ways, be it collected while playing the game, or collected when getting the achievements. So what can those coins be used for? Risky Train Crossing offers players a list of incredibly lovable characters. However, you need to spend 100 coins to unlock each character. they can make your game experience more interesting, and less boring with more different characters.

How to play

You can click the mouse or use the arrow keys.