About Vector Rush

Vector Rush is an online parkour game where you have to escape from the earthquake. To do it, you have to jump from one building to other and collect coins.

You love parkour games with unique graphics and easy gameplay. Vector Rush should be your favourite game. It provides an entertaining platform for everyone. You will relax when playing this game.

Everything was great, but one day, all things changed. An unexpected earthquake happens and destroys all things in Vector Rush. The earthquake is engulfing the whole world. Unfortunately, the vector character is still in a building and he needs to run away. Run immediately to the destination where the rescue team is waiting. To escape, he has to jump between the buildings in the city. The game has 15 levels to challenge your skills. Remember that the level will increasingly be difficult.

The main targets in Vector Rush

You need to reach the checkpoint without being knocked out by deadly traps, falling off the rooftops or the earthquake. On your way, let's collect as many coins as possible. Then, you can spend them on buying many tricks for your character. Besides earning coins, you should grab collectibles along the way to complete the level with three stars. A rescue team is waiting for you at the destination point. So use all your abilities to run and survive.

Run away from the earthquake behind you in Vector Rush

In this game, you have to make incredible jumps like real parkour professional. There are thousands of obstacles on the road, so you need to estimate the distance between your character and obstacles to jump or slide. Jump between the building roof to escape from the earthquake. Sometimes, you must slide over the obstacles because they are too high to jump over. If you collide with the deadly obstacles, your character will die immediately. Therefore, you need to be calm and press the mouse correctly. This game may be difficult for beginners. However, you can improve your skills after many tries. Moreover, you also can make some awesome jumps in Parkour Block 3D. You will immerse yourself in the Minecraft world when playing that game.

Other information about Vector Rush

This game is inspired by Vector from Nekki and it was released in May 2021. Vector Rush is created with HTML5 technology, so you can play this game in the web browser (desktop and mobile).

The graphics of this game is the main factor that makes it be unique. The traps, buildings, and obstacles are all drawn like shadows. This will make it harder for you to see the dangers. So observation skills in this game are also very important.


When did it release?

On May 26, 2021,

How many levels are there?

There are 15 levels.

Can I play this game on my smartphone?

Yes, the game is playable on all smartphones, tablets or Pcs.

Game control

Use the mouse or touch to jump or slide.