About Money Land

In Money Land, you may control enormous quantities of money to feel the power of riches. As a result, work very hard to build the metropolis you desire.

Have you ever picked up the money on the road? A lucky event rarely occurs in real life. However, coming to Money Land, you can experience this right away. You can see this feature in Parkour GO. Let's start and experience the uniqueness of the Money Land game!

At the beginning of this entertaining game, you can pick up a lot of money from this rich land. There are 32 piles of dollars lying at the intersection. This arcade game allows you to collect this money to start your business. Collect as many coins as possible. Note that this amount will be unlimited. They will reappear in 5-10 seconds.

What To Do With The Money You Earn In Money Land

Buy Buildings

Use your money to buy buildings. These buildings have different prices. As a result, the amount they earn will also be different. For example, you can unlock an ice cream cart with 1000 dollars and it will generate $50/second. In contrast, A $10,000 shop will allow you to generate $100/second. You should choose to unlock the small buildings first because you don't have much money at the beginning of the game. Then, you can buy big buildings to increase your sales quickly.

In conclusion, this game is a game where you play as autonomous systems. With the money you make, you may unlock new land areas and construct brand-new structures. Thanks to these structures, you'll have opportunities to increase your revenue. The more buildings you unlock, however, you may also do this by improving your money-collecting capacity, speed, and movement speed, the faster you will be able to make money. This can cost money, or perhaps you might get prizes by viewing advertising. Don't forget that you may expand your working area by utilizing the money you earn to develop additional roads as you continue to accumulate cash and unlock more structures. Let's try to get you to quit playing this game so much.

Buy Upgrades

In the Money Land game, you can not only buy buildings but also buy upgrades to increase your earning ability. You can buy a lot of different upgrades. They are divided into two main categories: Upgrades and District Upgrades. The number of upgrades you can buy is more than that of other online games like Geometry Dash Meltdown. Each upgraded item is very important because it helps you to increase your revenue significantly. If you just make money in the usual way, it won't be as effective as using upgrades.

Note that you can buy free upgrades by watching ads. Using the money you earn is not the only way. You can watch ads and save money to serve other needs.


The Upgrade section allows you to enhance your character's ability to collect money. For example, you can increase your character's movement speed with Move Speed. After paying for this cost, your character will move faster during work. Besides, Collect Speed and Capacity are also available in the Upgrade section to serve the needs of players.


In this section, you can upgrade your district with two criteria: District Income and District Worker. District Income allows you to increase the revenue of buildings while District Worker helps you to increase the number of workers in the buildings.

Expand Your District

Your district can only unlock certain buildings. After that, the vacant land to build new buildings is no longer available. At this point, you need to expand your district by moving to the end of the path on the map and standing in the Expand area. The money you make to expand the land will automatically be taken away. When there is enough money, new lands will be opened. The number of unlockable lands is unlimited.

More Information For You

Anyone who likes playing business games like Penguin Diner will love Money Land. The fascinating tycoon game, Money Land is one of the finest money games for kids! If the city expands faster, it will be more difficult to sustain your money rush. All you need to do is to grab a bike and get moving swiftly to resume your investing game.

The special thing about this Money Land game is EASY CONTROL. You can control your character by sliding your mouse. Move YOUR MOUSE to move the character. When you want to select an item, click. It is extremely simple to play an entertaining online game. All ages can easily grasp this game's controls from the first play.

In addition, you can track your money in the upper left corner of the screen. Do not stop increasing these amounts and use them sensibly. In the upper right corner of the screen, there is a Population section. In this section, you can track the number of your buildings. It is easier for you to control your district.