About Bounce Ball


Bounce Ball is an exciting game where you have to control a ball to overcome all obstacles on the road. Try to reach the exit portal to pass the level.

The childhood years are back and refresh your memories with the Bounce Ball game. In the game, the music and graphics are improved. You can enjoy a childhood game with colorful obstacles and backgrounds. The game will recall a part of your childhood. You will experience raw gameplay mechanics. It is quite similar to what you have experienced in the past. However, there are some new and exciting things for you to explore. Participate in the game now.

In addition, the game offers an extremely engaging journey. You will control it to help it complete its journey. The game helps you have moments of relaxation. Its mechanism is also quite easy to understand. You can recommend the game to others, such as friends or family. Besides, Red Ball Bounce is one of the most ideal games for you. You can play all of them to entertain.

How to play

In this game, there are some exciting missions for you. Firstly, your mission is to go through all the rings. Each level will require you to collect the number of rings. You must collect enough rings before reaching the exit portal. In addition, let's take care of the ball's size to enter the rings which can be small or big. So, you can go through the floor pump to size up or size down the ball.

Secondly, you have to beware of deadly thorns on the way. When you collide with them, you will lose your life. Then, you must replay at the last checkpoint. However, you must restart the level if you run out of life. You should take caution to avoid losing your lives because your lives are limited.

Finally, try your best to find a way to reach the exit portals. You must explore the playing field, and overcome many challenges before finishing the level. You should run around to find the exit portal. When you can see the exit, you need to go through it to complete the level and move to the following level.

How to control

Use the up arrow key to jump.

Use the right arrow key to turn right.

Use the left arrow key to turn left.

Some traits of Bounce Ball

The animated music and lively graphics

Game graphics are a harmonious combination of colors. The main light color makes the game extremely attractive. You will experience a very realistic journey of the red ball character. Platforms with different heights create a lot of challenges for you. The hazardous thorns will also threaten you. Highly bright graphics create excitement for you.

The pleasant sound keeps you motivated to complete the task. Funny sounds also make the game more attractive. This sound is highly addictive. Everyone can immerse in the game. If you are looking for a game suitable for people of all ages, do not miss this game. You can join to experience it.

The challenging levels

This game offers six levels to challenge your skills. The higher level you are, the more challenging obstacles you face. You must use your skills to overcome them. The game requests you to react quickly to avoid crashing into deadly obstacles. Try your best to reach the exit portal and conquer other tough levels. How many levels can you pass? Are you ready to help the ball on his adventure? Hope that you are keen on the game and finish all levels. Break a leg!

The power-ups of the game

When you play the higher levels, you have to encounter a large number of obstacles. Therefore, you should collect the power-ups on the track to complete the level quickly. There are two main power-ups you can gather.

The first is green diamonds. These diamonds will show the arrow. You can follow the arrows to find out the exit portal. You can also easily see if your direction is correct. Thanks to it, you will not spend too much time searching. Do not miss any green diamonds on the track.

The second is small red balls. Those little colored balls will help you increase your life. Each red ball corresponds to a network. If you have more lives, you will reach a safer exit. You will have to replay the game too many times. Stock up as many small red balls as you can.

The last is the floor pump. It can make the ball become bigger or smaller. You must use them to change the ball's size. As a result, you can collect many required rings. If you miss these floor pumps, you can not go through the rings and do not meet your mission.