About Merge Blast


The intriguing battle game Merge Blast was created by Ember Whirl, and it requires you to defend your castle from opposing attacks by using a cannon. You are urged to try out the ideal fusion of an action game and a puzzle game for yourself. Let's see how successful you are and how far you can go.

You must upgrade your weapons in this action game so that you may shoot the boulders as effectively as possible as they descend. Drag the mouse to aim, then click the left mouse button to shoot. To finish a level, you must acquire enough rocks by repeatedly blasting them. A rock will fall to the earth and kill you if you are unable to set it off. While the rocks are still in the air, smash them as rapidly as you can. Superior weapons are needed, though, to speed up this process. Combining the weapons you already have might result in stronger weapons. For instance, combining two weapons with the number one on them will result in a weapon with the number two, which has a bigger firing capacity. Use your best efforts to shoot the rocks now in order to earn money so you may buy more weapons. In addition, you can play other strategy games on Parkour Block 3D such as Dead Zed (No Blood), and Endless Siege.


In this game, there are countless levels waiting for you to explore. The challenges at different levels will be different. In the first levels, the game is still quite easy with blocks having small numbers. The numbers on the blocks will increase with each level. This requires you to upgrade your gun to be destructible. At level 1, the numbers on the blocks are 3, this means you will destroy these blocks with 3 shots. At level 2, the numbers on the block are still 3, but you have to shoot 9 bullets to destroy them. In level 3, the number on the block is 5. Thus, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually through each level that you pass. These challenges test your patience. What are you waiting for without playing this exciting game?

Upgrade cannon

You must upgrade your cannon to quickly destroy the blocks. During the castle defense, you will earn coins by shooting down the blocks. You use these coins to upgrade your cannon. Each single-barrel cannon costs 54 cents. You can combine 2 cannons together and form a double-barrel cannon. In the same way, you combine 2 double-barreled cannons to form a 3-barreled cannon. This gun can fire 3 rounds per shot. Upgrade your cannon to the strongest level and destroy the blocks.

How to play


A castle is being attacked by blocks from above. Every time your castle gets attacked, it will be damaged. Your mission in this game is to rescue the castle from the attack from above. The castle can only withstand 10 attacks from the blocks. So you have to quickly clear the blocks. You must try to make the blocks touch the castle as little as possible. In the upper corner of the screen, there is a taskbar. You complete this taskbar to be able to pass the level. To complete the taskbar you need to destroy the blocks. You upgrade the cannon to quickly clear the blocks.


This game has pretty simple gameplay. You use your mouse to control your gun. You aim the cannon following the direction of the block and shoot. Each time you shoot, the value of the blocks will be reduced. You aim to shoot at the box when the value on the block goes to zero and disappears. You keep doing this until you complete the taskbar in the upper corner of the screen and pass the level.


You can choose Power-ups before starting a level. The game has 3 power-ups for you to choose from. Each power-up has its own advantages. You can only choose 1 out of 3 power-ups. Choose appropriate power-ups and save the castle.

  • Lightning: Your cannon will fire lightning bolts. It immediately deletes the blocks and it hits.
  • Freeze: Time will be frozen for a short time, the blocks cannot be moved. However, your cannon can still work. You must quickly destroy these blocks before the freezing time is over.
  • Shield: It will help your castle against the onslaught of blocks.


Is this an easy game?

Yes. This is a very simple game to play. You can control the character with the mouse.

Does this game entertain me?

Yes, of course. You will have moments of entertainment in the process of removing the blocks. Don't hesitate to play this exciting game.

Can children play this game?

Yes, they can. Moreover, it also helps them increase their reflex.

Can I play this game on my mobile?

Yes. This game is playable on mobile or desktop.