About Super Mario Minecraft Runner

Mario Minecraft Runner is a simple running game in which you have to jump and run over obstacles. Collect as many coins as possible on your way.

Welcome to Mario World. The beautiful princess was kidnapped by the evil ghost and brought to the dark world. Help Mario Minecraft rescue her! Mario's Adventures - Jungle Adventures is one of the most popular games of all time. In the game, the character Mario with Minecraft style will have to overcome many difficulties on the way to rescue the princess. This will be a running game that combines Minecraft graphics with a Mario theme.

If you want to get more new experiences, you do not mission the game. Like Super RunCraft, this game offers an attractive race track. You can join and conquer the challenges. Make an effort to finish the game and become the champion. Hope you can enjoy and entertain by the game. You can invite your friend to join the game to compare your scores. The winner will be the person with the highest scores.

How to play

Are you ready to enjoy an exciting obstacle course in Super Mario Minecraft Runner? Here, you have to slide under fences and jump over some walls. Besides, there are a lot of deadly obstacles, such as bombs, gaps, moving blocks, and monsters. You are not allowed to crash into them. When you lose, your lives will increase. You have only three lives to complete the game. When you run out of lives, the game will be over. Try your best to maintain all your lives. Then you should jump over some dangerous enemies heading straight for you. In order to overcome difficulties, you need to observe everything on the road carefully and predict what is about to happen.

In addition, you have to collect lots of coins to buy upgrades. The gold coins you collect can be used to buy new characters and improve your stamina and speed. Do not forget to buy magnets to collect all coins on the way.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to move.

The up arrow key to jump.

The down arrow key to slide.

The left arrow key to turn left.

The right arrow key to turn right.

Some outstanding traits of Super Mario Minecraft Runner

The endless race track

You must conquer the thrilling race track to get the highest scores. The further distance you can run, the more scores you can get. Therefore, you try to overcome all obstacles on the track to continue running. Remember do not collide with barriers too many times. You do not have a lot of lives.

The graphics of the game

Graphics inspired by the character Mario and combine the look and feel of the famous Minecraft game. One side is the Minecraft game with years of experience in survival in harsh nature, the other is the Mario game with the ability to run and jump like an athlete. This game is a unique combination that creates real tension. You will experience the exciting features of both game genres in this game. It immerses you and captivates you. It is thanks to this unique combination that makes the game highly addictive.

The super power-ups

Collect coins to buy upgrades. Your coins will increase if you have many outstanding power-ups. For example, you can buy magnets to collect more coins without going through them. When using it, you can avoid hitting some obstacles. Next, the immortal power-up can help you to preserve the number of lives for five seconds even if you hit an obstacle. Select this power-up to save your lives. You can fly in five seconds if you have the flying cloud power-up. You also take caution because you will land in front of obstacles. You cannot avoid them in time because the distance between your character and obstacles is short. Finally, you also can double jump or double coins. Therefore, you should purchase all of them to boost your character.

Some tips to win the game

Practice your reflexes as you tackle all kinds of obstacles

You may fail on the first try. However, you can improve your skills after playing the game more times. You can become more competent. So, let's practice hard to be able to catch up with the game and complete the task quickly. In addition, when you become a master, you need to break your scores through each turn. Make an effort to run as far as possible to get points. Good luck!

Avoid dying at the hands of enemies or hitting traps

As you know, there are a lot of obstacles and traps. As for the wall, depending on its properties, you can choose to jump over or slide over it. If you want to face the enemy, who runs in front of you and keeps dropping bombs, you have to dodge so as not to lose your life. Also, monsters will roll over and try to crush you. You also have to be clever and agile to dodge. A lot of other obstacles force you to overcome.