About Backflip Dive 3D

The gameplay

Backflip Dive 3D is a sports game where you have to make awesome flips and land on the marked area. How many levels can you pass in this game?

Do you want to test your ability? In this game, you will have a chance to test your clever levels because your mission is to jump from a crazy height. Then, you must land successfully on the marked area as fast as possible. If you fail, you can play many times. This will help you perfect your dance.

When you do a backflip, you should try to get the best score by reaching the middle of the area. The playing field is divided into three or four parts. They will be marked by the color lines. Depending on the area you can land in, you will get the corresponding points. If you land inside of the red line, you can double points or get a large number of points. If you land on the outside, you just receive 100 points. Try your best to get the highest points. As a result, you can advance your level. The game offers various hard levels to challenge yourself. Once you begin the game, you will enjoy a tutorial level to know how to jump and land on the marked area. Therefore, let's concentrate on it to avoid misunderstanding.

What's more, you will get some coins when you complete a level. Then, you can use them to skip a level. However, do not overuse them, and let's experience the game with your skills. Good luck!

The targets of each level

You must meet the target to advance to the following levels and complete the stage. Each level has a different target. There are three main targets. The first is a gold target with the highest points. You must get more points than the target point to obtain this target. The medium target is the silver target. You must meet the silver target to complete the level. If your points are less than the silver target, you can not move to the next level. You will receive the bronze. As a result, you must replay the level. Accumulate enough points to complete the level. Remember that the higher level you get, the higher points you must earn to obtain the silver or gold target. Good luck!

How to control

Hold the left mouse to lean back.

Release the left mouse to flip.

Hold the left mouse one more time to somersault.

Release the left mouse one more time to land.

Some features of Backflip Dive 3D

Many levels with challenging stages

In the game, there are many levels for you. They include the Gym, Mountain, City, Full House, Factory, Ship, Island, Haunted House, Space, Farm, Winterland, Kitchen, and Jungle. At each level, a lot of challenging stages are waiting for you. You must complete the stages in turn. In addition, if you want to unlock another level, you must complete the previous full stage which includes all stages in the level. Try your best to unlock all of them. When you finish the game, you can move to Grindcraft, and The Last Survivors to play.

Can skip the levels with coins

If you struggle and want to move to the following level without completing the previous level, you can use your coins to skip. When you skip a level, you must pay a lot of coins. Therefore, you must collect as many gold coins as possible to advance to the next level or stage. You should not skip many times. You should replay to get more experience and get many valuable lessons from your mistakes. Then, you can become the master of the game.

Some tactics to win

Land safely

A safe landing is one of the techniques that can get you a lot of points. If you fall on the ground or face down, you will not get many points even though your character is in the gold target area. So, when you somersault, you need to align the time to release the left mouse. You should pay attention to releasing the left mouse when your character is in a standing state. If your character can successfully land and still stand, you will get a lot of bonus points. You will get a silver target or a goal target.

Do not lean back too much

At some levels, there will be platforms in front of the target area. If you lean back too much, you will not be able to do somersaults. As a result, you cannot land in the marked area. Your score will not be enough to pass the level. You should align the angle really well to be able to score high. You can try playing more times. In the later turns, you will overcome it easily as you gain more experience. Hope you get a high score with these tips.