About Impostor

In the game Impostor, your opponent is always hidden from view. Find the impostor before he kills everyone and won't stop, even if it means sabotaging the ship.

A perfect choice for you

You are having too much free time and you want to find a game to pass the time. I would like to suggest you the game Impostor. You will not play alone, you will have fun with many players around the world. In addition, when you log into your account on this game, you can invite your friends to join this game.

Join an interesting adventure

You might want to rethink your choice because what was going to be an exciting adventure will now turn into a nightmare. You can become the next victim if you don't stop the impostor from killing the crew members one by one! However, you can also play as an impostor. In this case, you will have to destroy the ship and kill the astronauts at all costs. No matter what role you play, you will have an unforgettable experience.

Experience a famous game

The game Impostor appeared quite a long time ago. It only became popular after famous streamers and bloggers played the game. Its popularity spread extremely fast and only a few weeks later most gamers knew about this Impostor game. With unique gameplay and strange characters, the game has attracted millions of plays.

Keep an eye out

What could be concealed in plain sight is impossible to predict. because this spaceship is dangerous and gloomy. The cause for everything was the loss of the crew members. Later, we found their dead remains. The entire time, lies were told to us. There is a phone among us who looks just like us. What was once an exciting excursion is now just a fight for breath.

Become an impostor

Do you want to know who your opponent is? If you look for him, you'll never find him! you are the importer, after all! Your secret is safe with us, and we're here to help. Remember that you must be nimble. If you murder someone while no one is around, someone will call the police. Hide in the ventilation shaft by pushing the vent button to attack from behind. We are aware that you will do anything to succeed, even sabotaging the spaceship, and that you will kill everyone in order to quench your need for death. You can find all the buttons you need to complete these activities in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Be a crew member

You will get a number of different missions when you are a member of the crew. These missions often involve repairing spacecraft. Besides, you also need to find out who is the impostor on the spaceship. Don't leave your ship in the worst condition or you will lose the game. Make sure the ship is in good working order. In addition, please ensure your own life and safety, do not be alone for a long time. Good luck to you!

Some hints for players

In this game, a good memory is an advantage. You should keep everything in mind, the astronauts, their missions, etc. This game not only tests your memorization skills, it also exercises your intelligence. From the anomalies, deduce the suspect if you are an astronaut. If you are an impostor, work skillfully and quietly. Don't let anyone find out! To observe all rooms and objects carefully, you should play this game on a large screen. Furthermore, it's better to enjoy this game in full-screen mode. You will be addicted to this game after some tries. Let's come and show off your intelligence.

Before entering a match

On the main menu of the Impostor game, you can see many features such as kill distance, kill cooldown, speed and task amount. You can customize the parameters of the above features. Besides, you also need to enter your username before participating in the match. As for the graphics, you can check HD Skeld or Shadows. Don't forget to customize your Among Us character's favorite color. You can see the complete task bar on the screen. If you are an impostor, this bar is the time for you to complete the task. If you are a crew member, you will complete the match when the bar is full. In the main menu you can also see a leaderboard. Here you can see the players with the highest number of kills worldwide. Can you write your name here?

How to control

Use the arrow keys or WASD to navigate. Click the buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen to take action. In case this game can bring a relaxing time for you, you can experience Parkour: Climb And Jump, Penguin Diner.