About Vex 7

In the action platformer Vex 7, you may use parkour techniques to jump over dangerous obstacles. Wall jumps to the finish portal and coin collection.

If you've played any of the earlier chapters like Vex 3, you might be aware that the game became better with each new release. You'll like the new options offered by the most recent game update. In addition to the new excellent levels with a range of brand-new types of obstacles, you can now make use of the skins selection, daily challenge mode, and extra-level opportunities. You'll love the new levels since the game keeps getting more difficult while still becoming more captivating and addictive. Another amazing development is that the game is now available on all platforms, including mobile ones, so you may play it anywhere you choose. You'll be captivated by the game's enhanced graphics and audio effects for a very long time. Now, let's start and explore the new features of this new version!

The Vex Series

Vex is a famous running game series in the world of online games in addition to Parkour Block 3D. Coming to this series of games, you can enjoy challenging adventures with stickman characters. Your character needs to complete Acts and Hardcore by overcoming obstacles to reach the destination to conquer challenges. However, it is challenging to complete 1 Act. There are many deadly obstacles on your way. If you touch them, the game will end and you have to restart that Act.

Why are obstacles in Vex so hard to overcome? The reason is the variety and constant innovation of the obstacles. There are many different types of barriers. You can face sharp spikes or dangerous guillotines. In particular, these obstacles may or may not move. The movement of the obstacles makes the game more difficult. In addition, it is challenging to get used to the changing obstacles. The dangers are not the same. They change constantly. This requires you to have quick reactions and calmness to deal with all different situations.

When playing the Vex series, you can also be impressed by the full-screen mode. This mode will help you experience this game in the best way. Although other games like Zombie Tsunami also have this mode, this is still a plus.

Controls: Use AROW KEYS to control your stickman.

Vex 7's Unique Features

Vex 7 is the new version of this series. Therefore, there are many new features besides the old ones. Let's learn together and discover all the elements of the Vex7 game.

Settings Section

The setting is the essential element of every game. Of course, this version of Vex will also give you settings to set up different elements of the game based on your preferences. Do you want to turn the sound on or off? Do you want to enable auto modes? Those are the things you can install when coming to this running game. Basic settings include turning sounds and music on or off, auto restart level upon death, auto reset when best time passed, and disable blood.

Daily Tasks

Daily quests will give you different prizes. Daily quests reset after 30 minutes. If you want to experience different challenges, daily tasks will be ideal for you. These challenges can be part of official races. They are even more difficult.

Tower Of Terror

Tower Of Terror is a new mode where you can enter new races while fighting opponents. In this mode, your mission is to survive and collect coins. Besides, you also have to fight with the stickman. Use SPACEBAR to attack enemies. You can move over your enemies when your enemies die.

Note that the game will calculate the time you complete this mode. Your score will be based on time and the number of coins. Therefore, try to collect as many coins as possible and run to the destination in the shortest time. Your best score will be saved.

Character Skins

In the most recent version of the game, you may purchase brand-new skins to alter your character's appearance. Since the skins are locked at the beginning of the game, you'll need to pool some cash. The two best methods to gain coins are through daily tasks and high-score-level triumphs.

There are many different skins. However, they are divided into 5 main categories: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic. Each of these has many different skins. You can spin to get skins for your character.

Admirable Trophies

There are 3 types of trophies corresponding to the challenges you will complete. They are Acts, Tower, and Achievements. When you complete Acts and Hardcores, you will get the same medals with them. The Tower trophies are awarded when you complete a certain number of floors. Finally, you receive the Achievement trophies as you achieve various successes. For example, let's get over 100 total deaths or play the game for over one hour. These missions also bring you medals.