About Geometry Dash Lite

The gameplay

Participate in the rhythm-based game which is Geometry Dash Lite. Your goal is to control the block to overcome all the obstacles and win the game.

With simple controls and attractive visuals, this game will be an unforgettable experiment for you. Before starting the game, you can choose your character. This game brings you a diversity of characters for you to choose including blocks, ships, darts, UFOs, arrows, robots, spiders, and stars with 20 special gates. You also can choose the color for them. Some characters that you need to overcome the levels to unlock them. After choosing characters, you will choose the level to play. There are a lot of levels for you to overcome. You need to start the game at the first level. In each small level, you will have 2 modes including normal mode and practice mode.

In the game, your character has non-stop movement. You need to control and guide them to overcome all the obstacles in this journey. Press and release your mouse or the spacebar key to jump up. In this adventure, you have many difficulties and obstructions to overcome. You may need to steel fences, spikes, high walls, domains, barriers, and so on. Your character is easy to break, so you need to control it carefully and skillfully. If you touch them or crash into them, the game will terminate. At that time, you need to play the game again. You can retry this game unlimited times. At the top of the screen, there is a progress bar. You can see the percentage of the road which you overcome. If you overcome all the adventures, the game will immediately move to the next level.

At the end of each level, you will earn some stars and coins. Try to go as far as possible to collect many coins. The higher you level up, the more stars you will get. After finishing the normal mode, you can keep continuing with the practice mode. You also can challenge yourself to the next level. On the main screen, you will see the achievements. Complete all the achievements to collect stars, and coins, and increase your scores. Try to overcome all the obstacles and finish all the levels. At that time, your result will be recorded in the stat section. Besides this game, you also can try other games such as Geometry Dash Bloodbath, Racing Horizon, and Parkour: Climb And Jump. These games will bring you a relaxing time. Can you break this tough game and become the winner?

How to control

  • Computer

Use the UP ARROW keys, or the SPACEBAR to jump up and fly
Hold and release the mouse to play

  • Mobile phones

Press and hold on the screen to play

Common information about Geometry Dash Lite

Effective strategies to beat the game

  • You can jump continuously by holding the keyboard or mouse. In several locations where traps are placed consecutively. You need to jump many times. Therefore, it is quite hard for you to press and release. Hold your mouse to jump up and release when you overcome these obstacles.
  • Don't jump too slow or too fast. Jumping too slowly will make you have a collision with obstacles easily. Jumping too fast will cause you to lose momentum at the next jump.
  • If you are a beginner, you should begin with the easiest levels. Some levels which have high stars will be hard or very hard levels. They are so hard for you to play if you haven't practiced them before.

History of the game

Geometry Dash Lite is a free version of Geometry Dash for iOS and Android. It includes 16 levels with updates of achievements, symbols, and collectibles. Geometry Dash is a kind of horizontal runner-style game. It is released and developed by RobTop Games. The oldest version is from September 2013. The newest version is launched in June 2022.

Fun facts about Geometry Dash Lite

All the levels in the game

This game brings to you 15 levels including Stereo Madness, Back On Track, Polargeist, Dry Out, Base After Base, Can't Let Go, Jumper, Time Machine, Cycles, xStep, Clutterfunk, Theory of Everything, Electroman Adventures, Clubste, Electrodynamics, and Hexagon Force. The higher you level up, the more stars you will gain. If in the first levels, you just take 1 to 5 stars, you can take higher stars in the next levels. At the higher levels, you will get more obstacles such as steel fences, spikes, high walls, domains, buzzsaws, and barriers. The number of obstacles will increase. They also have unpredictable movement for guests. The difficulty of the levels will increase. This game will have 2 easy levels, 2 normal levels, 2 hard levels, 3 harder levels, 6 insane levels, and only one demon level. In each level, you will have certain characters. They will change based on the level and themes. All the characters include blocks, ships, darts, UFOs, arrows, robots, spiders, and stars. Particularly, robots can move like normal robots. Spiders can move with 4 legs like a spider. Ships, UFOs, and arrows can fly in the air. Each level brings you 2 modes to overcome. They are the normal mode and the practice mode. In normal mode, if you have collisions with obstacles, you need to play the game again. However, in the practice mode, you just need to retry the game in the checkpoints. The checkpoints will be placed in certain positions. You can remove a checkpoint if they are difficult for you to start the game. If you get a high score or complete the level, your result and score will be recorded in a stat.

Special achievements

Besides levels, this game brings you a variety of achievements. There are 60 achievements that you can attain such as Stereo Bump, On My Way, Dry Out, Hold On, Loops, Funky, Clubbin, We Want It, Bounce, Ouch, and so on. If you complete all of them, you will attain some trophies such as badges, coins, or stars.