About Motorbike Simulator

The experience of riding a motorcycle at high speed is recreated in Motorbike Simulator! Prepare yourself for a thrilling adventure and embrace your daring side.

Your duty when joining Motorbike Simulator

If you're not a motorbike rider in the real world, don't worry. This game's objective is straightforward, yet exhilarating! Simply ride a motorcycle through various terrains to exhibit your cavalier driving abilities. In this game, biking is allowed without a license. Select "play" in the top menu to start the game. The location of the game may then be chosen. The game has four settings that are available. Then, you may utilize your motorcycle as you choose. Each location has a number of stunt tracks. You may use the WASD or arrow keys to move around. The upper left corner of the screen contains the game's controls.

Practice your driving skills

Not a racing arena where you will face off against different excellent riders, Motorbike Simulator is more like a place that allows gamers to practice and prepare well for the next races. This will be one of the most attractive, popular, and suitable driving games to kill time and help you relieve stress. It doesn't require you to compete with anyone, so you can enter the game as relaxed as possible.

The interesting points of Motorbike Simulator

Although the gameplay is pretty simple and similar to many other racing games, Motorbike Simulator can still attract many speed-loving gamers. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is that this game contains many features that make players enjoy it.

The characters and bikes in Motorbike Simulator

The game allows gamers to change their characters. There are three bikers for you to select from. One of them rides a dirt bike, one is a racer, and one is a police officer. Each character will control a different type of vehicle. Moreover, in Motorbike Simulator, you can even change your character and vehicle even after you have started the game. With just one click, you can do this. It can be said that this is one of the highlights of the game Motorbike Simulator. You do not need to pay any extra to be able to own the characters and their vehicles. You can even change at any time, and in one play you can enjoy all three. Do you consider yourself to be an expert rider?

Control panel of Motorbike Simulator

Motorbike Simulator provides players with a game control panel right in the upper left corner of the screen. Whether you are a new player, or a veteran racer in racing games, coming to each game differently, the controls can have slight changes. Therefore, the designers of Motorbike Simulator have been very subtle when including a game control board. You can completely monitor it to make your game experience better, or turn it off when you are confident that you are fully capable of cracking the game.

Some tracks with different contexts

In this fascinating driving game, you can choose to drive your bike on one of 4 tracks. In each track, the track context is different. You can choose to drive in the city, or to a dock where there are lots of crates. However, the common point of all these tracks is that they include obstacles to help you train your motor skills. You can drive and drift, reverse the sharp turns of the game, or even perform impressive aerial stunts. Moreover, coming to any racing track of Motorbike Simulator, you will not be limited by time or the number of plays. Even if you drive and cause an accident, you can still stand up and continue driving.

Impressive graphics

Besides, Motorbike Simulator gives players the most realistic feeling possible with ideal graphics with extremely realistic skyscrapers and trees. Not only the cars, roads, or obstacles of the game, but each sound like the gas, squeezing the brake also makes gamers feel like they are sitting on a motorcycle and experiencing each journey in the game. You will feel like you are in a real race with many impressive tracks. Surely Motorbike Simulator will be a one-of-a-kind experience that should not be missed.

Suggestions for you about Motorbike Simulator

Game Motorbike Simulator is the best choice for gamers who love adventure and speed games. However, if you are interested in other game genres, Penguin Diner is a suggestion for you. Join the game and prepare hearty meals for your customers when they come to your restaurant!


  • Vivid 3D graphics.
  • There are four options available.
  • Three different sorts of motorcycles.
  • Logical limitations.

How to play

  • To drive, press WASD or the arrow keys.
  • To break, press the SPACE BAR. Change perspectives by using the C key.
  • To restart, press the R key.
  • To restart your bike, press the G key.