About Fishing 3 Online

Fishing 3 Online is a humorous game in which you attempt to supply a fish with water. Do everything to save the fish in any choking situation at any time.

Because catching fish in the water can be a ton of fun, thrilling, and relaxing experiences all at the same time, this game is quite similar to the sport that truly exists. These statements apply equally to this new feature on our website, and since our staff liked it, we have no doubt that you will as well.

Your objectives in Fishing 3 Online

As mentioned above, in this game you need to rescue an adorable fish by filling the water for it. So, what can you do to complete this mission?

Rescue the fish in Fishing 3 Online

In this game, the goldfish is trapped in an aquarium without water, As you know, fish need water to survive. If it continues to live in such a waterless tank, it will not be able to continue to exist. That's why in Fishing 3 Online, you need to fill the fish tank with water to save this goldfish's life, However, things will not be easy because there are many obstacles that will hinder your goal. Sometimes, you will encounter obstacles while digging your way to fill the tank, but you need to make sure that not only let them ruin your plan, but you even complete the challenge brilliantly and receive the reward. get 3 stars.

Challenging levels of Fishing 3 Online

There is a total of 24 levels in this funny game. Maybe at the beginning of the game, everything will be very easy for the players. However, the higher the levels of Fishing 3 Online, the more difficult the challenges for you. You will encounter more obstacles, and it will be more difficult to get water into the aquarium. Therefore, you need thinking, and spirit to try to play fast and be taho to get as many stars as possible. In this game, at each level you have the opportunity to receive up to 3 stars, depending on your processing ability.

How to crack the game Fishing 3 Online

Helping the fish to have water to breathe can seem like a challenge in this exciting game. So what do you have to do to be able to perform this task?

Dig a way for the water to flow into the aquarium

In this game, you will have a pool of water. You can use the water in that tank to fill the aquarium to help the goldfish. However, that water tank and the fish tank have been separated from each other, so you need to dig a way for the water to flow into the aquarium. Create tunnels on the ground with your mouse or your finger to provide the fish with water. Then, click on the wheels to start the water flowing. To ensure that water flows through the stars, consider digging some tunnels. You can pass the level when the fish have enough water in the aquarium.

Overcome all of the obstacles in Fishing 3 Online

The obstacles in this game appear mainly for the purpose of making it difficult for the player to pour water into the fish tank. Therefore, in this fascinating puzzle game, you need to find the right way to solve these obstacles. Sometimes, in the process of digging, there will be sandy soil that can drift into the aquarium, which not only does not help you but can also kill the fish. However, you can pour water in to remove them, then continue your purpose. In addition, there are moving ice blocks that can push water out of the aquarium, you need to be careful and meticulous to avoid this. Many new obstacles will certainly be introduced as you go through the stages, so strive to always be as skilled as you can.

Some things you need to keep in mind when becoming a member of Fishing 3 Online

In this fascinating game, the number of lives for you to join the game is limited. Moreover, each time you join a level of Fishing 3 Online, you will be deducted one life. But don't worry too much about this. You can watch ads to recharge your life if you have used it up. It can be said that Fishing 3 Online is an attractive entertainment game that can help players when stressed and tired. However, there are many other such games on our website. If you're interested, visit and experience similar games, like Safe Of Panda, Red Ball Bounce, Parkour: Climb, And Jump. All of them are good games, check them out!

How to play

  • PC controls: To choose an object, click it with your mouse.
  • Phone controls: Tap the display to choose an item.