About Parkour GO

Parkour GO is an exciting game where you have to control a character jump up to high platforms. Try your best to reach the finish line as fast as possible.

Run and Jump! You will become an excellent parkour player in this game. The game offers many obstacles and challenges to test your skills. Can you pass all stages? Your mission is to dode to fall into the gaps and jump over the barriers along the road like in Vector Rush. The target is to reach the exit gate.

What happens in the Parkour GO game

Miss Jun is a talented spy. However, she failed in an extremely important mission of the organization. So, she was imprisoned in the dungeon. Until one day, the doctor came and said to her: "After that incident, you are again allowed to work, do not fail us again, Miss June. We will have to test your skills again. Go to Block D, Miss June. They are already waiting for you." She has to take an important skill test to be able to continue her job. Here, she has to jump over countless obstacles to reach the finish line. Are you ready to help her pass the test?

Conquer all obstacles and challenges in Parkour GO

To help Miss Jun pass the test, let’s control her to overcome different obstacles. Using her acrobatic abilities, you can jump from platform to platform to reach your destination as quickly as possible Jump, sprint, and slide to overcome complex obstacles and challenge your control skills. There are areas where you are free to roam and try tricks. Don't forget to check at the checkpoints to save the game progress. That way, you won't need to start over from the starting point when you fall down the gaps.

With this game, you can train your skills and complete parkour courses. Moreover, you can switch between third and first-person views.

Features in Parkour GO

  • 3D graphics will bring real feelings to you. You will feel like you are training to become a pro parkour player.
  • You can choose to switch between the third and first person. However, the third person will be suitable for beginners because you can’t definite your position in the first person.
  • Unlike Parkour Block 3D, this game has an exciting plot. You will turn into the main character in this game - an excellent spy.

Characters and stages in Parkour GO

In this game, there are four characters (June, Amanda, Soldier, Mark) to choose from. However, only June character is available to play while the other characters need to be unlocked. You can watch ads to unlock them.

There are 6 stages in this game. They are Intro, Area, Zone, Towers, Roofs and Office. The intro stage is the tutorial part which is recommended to play it first. Then, you can practice your skills in Area, Zone and Towers. The roof stage is training mode with checkpoints. Office only is playable when you complete the previous stage.

How to control

  • Move: WASD
  • Jump: spacebar
  • Pause: ESC
  • Slide: C
  • Switch between 3rd person and 1st person views: V