About Catch The Impostor

The principle of the game

Catch The Impostor is one game in the Among Us video game franchise. The responsibility of the museum guard is to prevent them from leaving and imprison them.

Do you enjoy the genre of Among Us Games? Since the game it was based on was such a worldwide success, this one is a fan favorite. We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to interact with these characters in fresh ways by playing this brand-new fan-made game!

In this new game, you will transform into a museum guard. He is responsible for the security of the museum. Any impostors are not allowed here because they are trying to find damage to the museum. They want to steal precious things like antiques, wine, etc. So, your main task is to assist him in the process of catching the impostors.

In addition, you must distinguish between museum visitors and impostors. If you catch the visitors, you will waste your time and not be able to catch all the impostors within the allotted time. So, you need to pay more attention. The impostors will be red and holding objects from the museum. And museum visitors will be gray. Do not arrest the wrong person.

In addition, when you see the impostor come to the door, you must catch them now. If they can escape, you cannot complete your task. As a result, you will lose, and can not move to the following level.

Playing advice

Drag the mouse while keeping your finger on the target place to control the guard character. Catch all of the imposters that are dashing throughout each level's rooms and attempting to steal everything. To complete each level, you must capture every imposter in the allotted time. If you do not, you will lose and the game is over. However, if you succeed, you will be rewarded with diamonds at the end of the level. You can purchase more playable characters from the game's shop (accessible through the main menu). The new skins in a game give it a fresh feel.

How to play

If you want to move, you can use the mouse. Then, use the left click to catch the impostors.

Some unique traits of Catch The Impostor

The rewards when completing the level

After finishing the level, you will receive a lot of diamonds as a reward. If you complete the level in the shortest time, you can get a large number of diamonds. The shorter time you finish, the more diamonds you get. Make an effort to get as many diamonds as possible. Once you have many diamonds, you can use them to purchase other characters. Good luck!

The guard characters in the shop

There are lots of protection characters for you to choose from. They have different looks and also richer clothes. You can choose the most eye-catching characters to start the game. However, the more beautiful the character you want, the more diamonds you have to pay. To be able to choose as many characters as you like, you have to earn a lot of diamonds. Complete your quests in levels to get them.

Some challenges and tactics to beat for you

Many levels

Like Bounce Ball, the game has a lot of levels for you to try. The difficulty of the level will increase gradually. Each level will have different characteristics. For example, in the first levels, there are not too many obstacles. The objects are neatly arranged so chasing the imposter is quite easy. At higher levels, you face more challenges. You will have to catch more opponents. The museum is not as neat as it used to be. Objects were scattered on the floor. They prevent you from catching impostors. It will take you longer to get stuck. So use your skills and smart strategies to enter the game. Try your best to overcome as many levels as possible.

The limited playing time

Another difficulty that museum guards face is limited time. You do not have too much time to complete the challenge. You have a few seconds to complete the task. Remember you must capture all impostors before time runs out. If you cannot catch all of them, you will lose. As a result, you must replay the level. Try to complete the level in time and advance to the following levels. Many difficult levels are waiting for you.

The excellent tactic

You should run fast to catch them. You can block them at the doors of the museum. They tend to congregate at the museum's entrance to escape, so catch them quickly so they cannot bring anything out of the museum.

In addition, you should choose the right time when two or more impostors stand side by side to capture them. As a result, you can save time and complete your task within the allotted time.