About Hot Dog Bush

Engaging gameplay

Become a boss at a fast food restaurant in Hot Dog Bush. Be quick to make mouth-watering hot dogs to serve customers and earn as much money as possible.

In this game, you will own a fast-food restaurant. When your customers come and order certain food such as hot dogs, hamburgers, fried potatoes, drinks, and so on, you must take their orders. After that, you must make delicious hot dogs, hamburgers, and fried potatoes. You should cook sausages and meat in the oven first. When they are cooked, place them into the hot dog buns and hamburger buns. Add spicy sauce or fried onion if your customers order them. The drinks are available, so you can serve them first to calm your customers. If you let them wait too long, your customers will start to get angry and leave the restaurant. Therefore, you need to be quick. Note that the sooner you serve your food, the more money you will claim. Do your best to earn as much money as possible. Besides increasing your cooking speed, you also try not to overcook hot dogs and fried potatoes if you do not want to get fewer tips. If any food is overcooked, throw it in the garbage bin. Keep in mind that your money will decrease after you eliminate food. When your customers leave, you should collect their payment quickly to invite other customers. When the day ends, the restaurant will be closed. If the amount of money you earn is equal to or more than the target money, you will win. In contrast, if you cannot do it, you need to start this day again.

How to control: Use the mouse to play.

The story behind

The story starts when George W. Bush ends his presidency. He is kicked out of the White House and unemployed. What should he do now? When he sees a fat man with a hot dog in his hands, he comes up with an idea. He will open a fast-food restaurant. This restaurant will sell many kinds of fast food such as hot dogs, hamburgers, fried potatoes, drinks, and so on. Incredibly, his restaurant welcomes many customers and he earns a lot of money. In order to grow his restaurant, he will open new branches located in different places in America.

Creator and Platform

This game was developed by BigWig. Initially, it was launched as a Flash game. However, in March 2021, it was released as an HTML5 game. You can play it on both PC and mobile devices.

Playable game modes in Hot Dog Bush

Career Mode

There are two game modes in this game. The first one is the Career Mode. This mode requires you to sell your delicious hot dogs in 6 different locations corresponding to 6 levels.

  • Bronx: You will start your fast food business in Brox. This is the easiest level in the game. At this level, you will meet fewer customers. You must work five days in Brox to move to the next location.
  • Yankees Stadium: This level introduces fried onion which can be decorated in hamburgers and hot dogs. Moreover, besides the lemon juice, you also sell coca cola. The number of customers at this level will increase, so you must be quick.
  • Central Park: In this center, you are offered a new sauce which is a mustard sauce. This sauce can be added to hamburgers and hot dogs.
  • Time Square: The place is super crowded, so the number of customers will rise dramatically. It requires your quick fingers to make food quickly.
  • Wall Street: In this place, you will meet homeless people. They will not pay money after eating your food. Click on them when you realize that they are attempting to escape without giving payment.
  • The alien spaceship: After a hard-working day, you want to make a hamburger to eat. Suddenly, a strange UFO appears and kidnaps you. In the UFO, a giant alien comes and meets you. He asks you to make yummy hot dogs to satisfy the cravings of the aliens. If you do not complete his request, the Earth will be destroyed. To save the Earth from danger, you must make tasty hot dogs now. Note that the fried onion is the favorite food of the aliens.

Speed Mode

The second mode in this game is Speed Mode. At the start of the game, this mode is locked. You must complete all levels in the Career Mode to unlock this mode. In this mode, you will welcome an unlimited number of customers. Your objective is to serve as many customers as possible. Additionally, the menu of your restaurant also changes. the drinks in your restaurant are orange juice and cherry juice instead of lemon juice and coca cola. Come on! Play this game now and let's see how well you can manage your fast-food restaurant. If you are keen on this game, why don't you try playing Snake Game on our website?