About Penguin Diner

The game rules

Get ready to manage your own restaurants for penguins in Penguin Diner! Penny the lost penguin has to struggle to save enough money to get back to her family.

You play as Penny, a penguin character, in this game. She got lost and is now trapped inside an ice mountain. Penny will work as a waitress at the Top Hill Cafe. A new era has dawned for her. As a kind and thoughtful owner, you must help her learn the work and become used to it. Even if it could be a bit difficult to manage, if it works, you can gain a lot of benefits! Get ready to exhaust your legs because as soon as the day starts, people will stream through your door! Firstly, to seat them at a table, you must click on the incoming customers, then click on the table of your choosing. Once the customers have decided what they want, click on them to take their order. When the order is ready, you may view it on the serving table. After serving the dinner, you will receive a large amount of money! With your extra money, you can decorate the restaurant and get the necessary income! After the tenth level, you will go to a new cafe to increase your chances of success. Therefore, you must remember to gather the cash and tips they offer you when they have finished eating. Make an effort to accomplish your daily goal. You will not be able to generate money after the store closes. It will only be open until 9 o'clock. You will lose if you do not make the necessary income.

How to play

Use the left mouse to control the character.

Some great features of Penguin Diner

Many new areas

You will open branches in many locations to serve a large number of customers. To move to other destinations, you must complete missions in each area. You have to collect a large amount of money to be able to open more branches. You will need to work harder than ever to complete quests in old stores. Then, use the money you have to invest in new stores and branches. You will earn more money. Keep opening more branches until you have enough money to help Penny get home. Please keep up your hard work and professional attitude to complete the challenge. There are a lot of branches waiting for you. After finishing the game, you can play The Mergest Kingdom, and Age Of War. Good luck!

Upgrade some items

Skates: Skate is one of the items you should prioritize to upgrade. It will make your service speed faster. When serving customers becomes quick and easy, you will serve more customers. So, the number of customers coming to the restaurant will increase dynamically. The amount that you earn will increase faster than ever. Let's upgrade it now to get money.

TVs: You should buy another better TV. They can make customers more patient since they allow them to unwind while they wait. They will not be angry or lose patience. Therefore, purchasing them is a smart choice to serve the customers well.

Seats: When you upgrade the seats, your customers will feel pleasant. As a result, they will leave Penny with more tips. You also serve a lot of customers at the same time. Your customers will feel more comfortable and pleased.

Some strategies to earn more money in Penguin Diner

Don't keep customers waiting too long

You need to be more agile when handling activities like extending invitations, providing meals, and collecting donations. Increase your speed to meet the demands of the demanding guests. If they are satisfied, you will get more bonuses and finish the assignment sooner. In contrast, if you let customers wait too long, you will make them angry. They will pay you less and you will not get a tip from them. This may prevent you from completing the daily goals. So, you must be quick. You also upgrade your character's speed by using the skate.

Take advantage of the items

Some items you can upgrade are listed above. You can use them to keep customers satisfied and reduce their stress. You should spend money to make them even better. As a result, they will become your important support.

Firstly, you must earn as much money as possible to purchase and boost them. Their price will increase gradually through each turn. Next, depending on your restaurants and other branches, you can choose to boost one of them or upgrade all of them. You also remember that do not use all your money to boost them. You must save money to meet the target. If you do not have enough money, you cannot advance to the following days. You also cannot expand other branches.