About Red Ball Bounce

Red Ball Bounce is a story about monsters conspiring to turn a round planet into a square. Meanwhile, only the red ball has the ability to help his world. You must guide the red ball to the star coins while avoiding dangerous traps and overcoming tricky puzzles.

Some truths about Red Ball Bounce

Jump and sprint to save your love in Jumping Ball Puzzle adventure games! The wicked minions should flatten the globe into a square. The situation can be saved thanks to the red bounce ball. Through a perilous factory, you must roll and hop your way through enemies and avoid deadly laser beams. Have you had what it takes to keep things balanced in the world?

How to help the red ball in Red Ball Bounce

Use the arrow keys to move the red bounce ball in the direction of his goal while being cautious to collect every star in your way. Watch out for the bad folks! Leap on them is fantastic. Being hit in the corner is not. The red rollerball moves over a mechanical wasteland as it bounces, hops, and rolls! Your objective is to collect stars as you eliminate each evil square. There are several places where you may find deadly moving lasers. In addition, you should also avoid rivers. If the ball is dropped into the water, you will lose a life. In particular, Red Ball Bounce is designed with many tools to support you during the game, such as wooden boxes, swing bars, etc. Take advantage of them to temporarily avoid being attacked by enemies, and avoid falling into the water or dangerous traps. To safely go through each area, roll with the utmost precision!

Interesting features in Red Ball Bounce

The red ball will be killed without the player's sharp wits, lightning-fast reflexes, and excellent skills! And to attract the attention of players, game makers have put their whole hearts into the game through attractive features.

Unlock new skins for your red ball

In this game, in addition to trying to control the ball rolling to the finish line quickly and safely, collecting stars is also an important task for the player. You should collect as many stars as possible if you can collect all the best. Then, with the stars you accumulate, you can use them to unlock new skins for your ball. Each skin will need a different number of stars to unlock, the more stars you collect, the greater the chance of owning many beautiful skins. Don't pass up the chance to make your ball look more interesting1

Tools to support you in the process of experiencing Red Ball Bounce

Aiming to help players have the best possible game experience, Red Ball Bounce provides players with support during gameplay. Specifically, at each level, players will have 3 lives to complete the challenge. So don't worry if you can't overcome the obstacles right away. If unfortunately you get entangled in the obstacles, you can completely respawn and continue the game. However, you only have 3 lives, if you die too many times, the game will end. In addition, Red Ball Bounce also has checkpoints like many other games. That means, when you reach the red flag, it will save your game progress. Thus, if you lose your life in a certain position, you will not have to waste time returning to the starting position. Instead, you will continue the game at the nearest checkpoint. Besides, you can track your progress through the progress bar on the right corner of the screen. Wherever you move, the progress bar will be yellowed there. When your progress bar is full of gold, it means you have reached the finish line.

Tips to play

  • To roll the ball, use the arrow keys to move right and left. When you press the up arrow key to hop the ball, you'll be astounded by the Red bounce ball's skill at rolling and leaping.
  • To prevent the ball from bouncing in front of potentially dangerous obstacles, press the down arrow key.
  • While gathering the required number of yellow stars, roll the ball.
  • Find the enchanted door so you can advance the balls one at a time.

Some suggestions for you

Red Ball Bounce is a mind-training game, and reflexes. It sometimes makes you have to replay the game's levels over and over again to find the best way to solve the puzzle. You need to be calm, and quick to react to keep up with accurate speed, jump, and perspective calculations. This will be a game suitable for gamers of all ages with cute game images and not too complicated gameplay. The game is also suitable for killing time as well as relieving stress. Besides, Safe The Panda is also an interesting puzzle game. If you are interested in puzzle games, don't miss this game.

How to play

Move with the arrow keys.