About Connect Master - Classic Game

A connect-and-match puzzle game with an adventure theme called Connect Master - Classic Game is offered in many skins. It's really entertaining and relaxing.

You could encounter the warmth and tranquility of the local tribe as you travel to the sunny beach. You can also discover the mysterious magic forest, the icy animal kingdom, and the desert society. So go ahead and try it! This classic tile-matching puzzle game is fun and casual but quite challenging! Play as quickly as you can to show off your ability to link matching squares to actions in this matching elimination puzzle game. I hope you like the game and yourself!

This classic game will entertain you through simple and peaceful gameplay. You will not go on dangerous adventures to destroy enemies and conquer levels like playing Cuphead. You will also not need to jump over deadly obstacles like the character in Parkour Block 3D. Instead, just relax by connecting different items. Your mission will be very peaceful and simple. This is the characteristic of this classic game.

Remarkable Features

Image Diversity

Your visual senses are affected by bright tile groupings that connect cute animals, beautiful flowers, delicious fruits, and other fascinating items. Each level has a different theme. As a result, you won't get bored while playing this game. The variety of images always gives you something new through each level. How can you be bored when you can experience different images in each level?

Various Levels

There are many different levels. Each level will give you unique challenges. The difficulty level of the game will increase with each level. In the first levels, you can easily connect similar items. The number of items is also not much. However, if you progress to higher levels, you will face many different challenges. It is not easy to concatenate items because there are not many item pairs available. You need to find a way to remove items in the most reasonable way.

Matching Awards

After each level, you will receive different prizes. Each award will give you a unique benefit. You can get coins, refresh images, or hints. These awards are essential. For example, you can use refresh images when you come across images you don't like. Or you can use hints to get hints when you don't know how to move next. As a result, you can play this arcade game more efficiently.

You can claim these prizes after you finish a level. Besides, you can x2 your prize by watching ads. Whichever option you choose, they offer you different benefits.

Note that these prizes are only claimed when you complete the prize bar to open the treasure box. It means you need to open the treasure box to get the prize. After each level, you get a certain number of points to fill in the treasure bar. The full treasure bar will give you valuable prizes.

Other Outstanding Features

  • Make the game mall so you can use gold to buy the essential game stuff.
  • If you don't succeed the first time, the game's resurrection system lets you try again.
  • The level upgrading progress is automatically stored when you enter into your Google and Facebook accounts, allows you to choose to play whenever and wherever you!
  • You can choose the appropriate language. It is convenient to play if you can use your native language.
  • How to control: Use your MOUSE to compare two images. It is as simple as the Money Land game.

Playing Advice For Connecting Successfully

To connect and match two tiles with the same pattern in a stack of pattern tiles, you must find two of them. You can search by color or shape of items. It is easier if you have high observability. If you have trouble in finding, you can start searching for similar images in the same row or column. Then, you can find the same images in other locations more easily.

To connect two identically patterned tiles together, you can only utilize a total of three straight lines. Although the images are the same, you cannot connect them because you used more than 3 lines. Images that are obstructed by other images are also unable to connect.

Don't give up if you encounter difficulties. You can use effective gaming props to get help. You can use hints or refresh images to get hints when you get stuck.

You must successfully match every tile within the allocated time in order to accomplish the challenge. The duration of each level is long. However, if you don't take the time, it will be possible to fail at high levels.

There is a tip to get more points. You can join images continuously for a short time to form combos. The more combos you make, the higher your score. Good luck!