About Run 3

Run 3 is an endless running game which was created by Joseph Cloutier. Your goal is to navigate your little alien through space and avoid falling into the gap.

Welcome to the world of universe adventure. This game is the third instalment in the Run series, and it is available in HTML5. Therefore, you can play this game without Flash support. In this version, you still explore a whole exciting galaxy. Come to Run 3, you can play the game and see the gorgeous sky. If you are a fan of running games, Run 3 is suitable for you. Besides Run 3, you can give Minecraft Endless Runner a try. 

This game with simple control is suitable for children. It doesn’t only bring relaxing time to them, but it also helps them exercise their reactions and estimate ability. Don’t wait any more, enjoy this game now!

Game modes

The game offers two modes which are Explore Mode and Infinite Mode.

  • When selecting Explore mode, you can add more levels to your Mini Maps. You will face lots of new tunnels and areas.
  • Select Infinite Mode to enjoy an endless run. In this mode, you may find many power cells along your way. Beware of your steps. If you fall into the gaps, the game will be over. However, you can use power cells or coins to continue your run with a new character. 

The objective in the Run 3 game

Your primary mission is to run as far as possible and don't fall off the way. Avoid falling platforms, gaps, traps and more when you level up. Beware of the weak platforms. They can easily fall down if you touch them. You must control the little alien as it moves to another area. Move along anyway to find the safest path. When you finish the adventure in Run 3, you can take part in another journey in the Minecraft world in Parkour Block 3D. This game may be more challenging than any parkour games you have ever played. 

Tips and tricks to play

  • You can unlock many new characters when you pass certain levels. However, if you can have enough power cells, you can buy the new character immediately. Especially, each alien has its own ability. Therefore, if you get into trouble, you can change your character.
  • Estimating and controlling your jump are very important. If you press the up key long, the alien will jump high. Make a small jump for the short gaps.
  • If you want to unlock all characters with different skills, you should play Infinite Mode. then collect as many power cells as possible. Moreover, you also can practice and experience all obstacles and traps in this mode because the tunnels aren't the same every time.
  • If the gaps are too long, it is better to shift sides. Just find the most convenient way to move. 

How to control

  • Arrows to move
  • Space/ Up arrow to jump
  • R to reset
  • P to pause