About Slope Extra


In the enjoyable ball-rolling game Slope Extra, you must control a ball as it rolls and move it to avoid obstacles and try to get the highest score. The most recent version of the game that so many of you are acquainted with and enjoy is the beloved 3D rolling ball game Slope Extra. supplying you on both PCs and mobile devices with a ton more levels and balls to play around with!

If you have ever played Slope, I think that you can easily adapt to Slope Extra. To escape the dangers, you must go down the hill; otherwise, you risk falling into the air and dying instantly, forcing you to start again at the top. When you move your mouse or finger, the ball will follow suit. To improve your score and buy new skins for yourself, try to collect as many gems as you can along the way. It seems to be the reason that your performance will improve as you advance. As you move further, the route becomes more complicated and you move faster, so be careful and pay attention. Have fun and good luck!

The level

You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself on many different levels of the game. The levels of the game will automatically transition while you move. The game will become more difficult at high levels. Here, the moving boxes will challenge your reflexes. Are you confident that you can conquer all levels of the game? Play and have fun.


During your move, you will collect coins. You can use these coins to buy costumes for your character. The game has countless interesting costumes waiting for you to discover such as, football, tennis ball, volleyball, and so on. Each type of ball has its own characteristics. Some balls you can get by daily attendance, others you have to get by buying. Buying costumes is the easiest way to make a mark in games. Make your mark by unlocking the game's cool outfits.


In this game, you will have to overcome countless difficult obstacles. These obstacles appear constantly on the track to distract you. The easiest obstacles to overcome are the square blocks. It appears a lot on the track but is also quite easy to avoid. Single races are also difficult challenges for you. These tracks have a small width. You need to be very careful to enter this track without falling off the track. The inclined track is always a difficult obstacle. On these inclined tracks often appear arch plates, causing you to lose immediately when touched. The moving blocks are the biggest challenge of the game. The blocks will move horizontally or vertically. You have to find a reasonable path for the block to not be crushed.

How to play


In this game, you will be taken to an infinity track. Here, you have to overcome countless obstacles. Your task in this game is to go as far away as possible so that your character does not fly off the track. The further you go, the higher your score will be. Your highest scores will be saved and displayed outside the main screen. If high enough your score may also appear in the weekly and monthly leaderboards. Play your best and put your name on the leaderboard.


You can easily control your character with the mouse. The ball will move forward automatically, you move the mouse left or right to move. You need to control the character skillfully so as not to fly off the track. This game does not have checkpoints, so your distance will not be saved. When you die, your ball will be returned to the starting point. So please control your ball carefully so as not to make unfortunate mistakes.

How to control: Use the mouse to control


You can use some Power-ups to get through the game easier

  • Magnets: It helps attract gems in your path, helping you to earn more money. You pay 300 gems for 1 magnet.
  • Shield: It helps you survive the smoke of collisions. Price: 500 gems
  • X2: It doubles the number of points you earn during movement. You have to pay 200 gems for this power-up.

Tips and tricks

You can use acceleration to move faster, however, moving too fast will make it difficult for you to avoid obstacles. You need to get used to the speed of the game.

You need to pay attention to the whole map before moving. When you see a single track, you must immediately change direction to avoid flying off the track.

When moving up inclined tracks, you control the ball to move toward the center of the track. That way your ball won't hit the wall and die

In addition, you can use coins to buy power-ups. These power-ups will help you overcome challenges easily with higher scores.