About Safe The Panda

A game of the mind is Safe The Panda. You will win when you draw a shape that protects the panda from bee stings in less than ten seconds. Have fun!

Are you looking for a game to play in your spare time? You don't like scary horror games or you don't like sports games. You can get the Safe The Panda game on our website. To meet the different needs of many gamers around the world, the developers have designed 3 mini-games with different gameplay. You don't need to worry about the rules to play them because they are very simple. With cute drawings, children can also enjoy this fun game. Because there are 3 mini-games, the levels of this game will also be more than normal games. Don't hesitate any longer, click on the game to try it out now! If you love this game, don't forget to share it with your friends.

Three mini-games

You often see games that will have gameplay throughout the game like Geometry Dash Bloodbath or Stickman Parkour. However, you will have the opportunity to choose from one of Safe The Panda's three mini-games. They are Save Panda, Joy Draw, and Puzzle Game.

Save The Panda

This is the first video game. Have you ever seen a panda eating honey? In this mini-game, a panda has angered a swarm of bees. These golden bees are ready to attack the poor bear. You have to do something to protect the bear. Draw lines to protect the bear. You can draw any shape that will prevent the bees from touching the bear. You can protect the panda in 10 seconds with all of your artistic prowess and inventiveness and still win the game. You may engage in a range of mental exercises while defending pandas.

Joy Draw

The second game is Joy Draw, which requires you to position an object on the screen to achieve the best result. At each level, you will see different difficult situations. Besides, you will see the necessary items to solve difficult situations. You have to use logical thinking to be able to bring the right object to the right place and bring into play its effects. Drag the mouse to move the objects. Not only will you have 10 seconds to act, but time is unlimited. Make smart decisions! The bonus rises as the task are finished more quickly.

Puzzle Game

The next game is called Puzzle Game, and it plays similarly, requiring us to arrange the images to complete the picture. You can see the puzzle pieces will be scattered on the screen. Of course, their order will also be reversed. Put them together to create a complete picture. When you start, look at the pieces carefully. Paying attention to their shape is also a tip to help you build faster. The three games are all excellent ways to kill time and use your brain. It will be more fun to play with the family!

The attractive features you'll find

  • This game provides players with 3 game genres instead of one type of game like other regular games. This will also meet the different needs of many players. You won't need to switch to another game now that they are integrated into one game.
  • You can see the simplicity in the graphics but this game is the one that requires the highest intellectual attention. You have to pay attention to every detail to be able to solve the problems you encounter. Playing games is a way to entertain and exercise the brain.
  • The sound of the game is associated with each action in this game. This will make the game a lot more lively. Attractive sound is also a success factor for a game.
  • After you finish each level in the mini-games, you will receive a certain amount of gems. If you want to double these gems, you can watch a short ad. So what is the benefit of this number of gems? You can use them to buy more hints for each level. In addition, you can also skip a level by watching a short ad.

Tips to have better experience

  • Every pro gamer always advises players to play any game in full screen mode so that every detail in the game can be clearly seen.
  • This game does not need to be installed on your device. Enjoy it live on our website. We will save your game data so you can continue your level the next time you play.
  • You can play with your friends or family. Let's think of solutions to each problem in this game together. This is a great way to have fun with your beloved friends or family after a long day. A competition to find the winner in this game is also a great idea.

How to control

You can use the mouse to play this game.