About Minecraft Endless Runner

Minecraft Endless Runner is a Minecraft-themed endless runner game. Run, jump over obstacles, collect gold, and buy power-ups to beat your own high score.

Run to save your life

Minecraft Endless Runner is the perfect game for lovers of classic Minecraft. It's more fun than the original game as you start on a mission of endless running. The gameplay seems like Temple Run, where you keep running through the road with thousands of obstacles. The main character is Steve who has to escape from his enemy. The dangerous evil chase right behind him. Only one collision can slow your character and he will be caught. This game offers one of the most famous adventures in the Minecraft world. Besides this game, you can make some awesome parkour in Parkour Block 3D in the Minecraft world. Are you ready to take part in a thrilling race? You will run to save your life instead of running for the first place.

The platform of this Minecraft game

Minecraft Endless Runner is an online game that is playable on all smartphones or tablets, such as iPhones, iPad, Samsung, and other Apple and android systems. Now, this game arrives on our web. Let’s enjoy a nice time with this game now!

What should you do to escape in Minecraft Endless Runner

As you know, Steve's enemy is behind him, and you have to control him using the arrow keys. Moving left and right with arrow keys, and jumping using the up arrow key.

On the road, there are many obstacles. Therefore, you have to avoid all obstacles in your path. Suppose you collide with them, and your speed decreases. Besides, if you get caught by your chaser, you will lose and have to start all over again. Do not only avoid obstacles but collect coins along the way. Then, you can use the gold to unlock new characters and buy power-ups. The farther you run, the higher your score will be.

Collect or buy powers in the Minecraft Endless Runner game

In the shop, there are many powers which are very useful to you. They are the magnet, jetpack, double jump, double coin and life. For example, you can buy life power to get one life. When your character crashes obstacles, you can use one life to continue your adventure. Moreover, you also can see these powers along the way. Just go through them to collect them.

Change the character with money

There are 15 characters in the store of Minecraft Endless Runner online game. Of course, you need gold to unlock 14 characters because only one character is available to choose from at the beginning. The more expensive characters are, the more impressive they are.

Features of Minecraft Endless Runner

  • Minecraft inspires the game. Therefore, its graphics are pretty unique and attractive.
  • It offers an endless game. You can run until your character collides with traps.
  • You will play in a third-person view, making it easy to move, jump and slide.

How to control

Use the mouse or arrows/ WASD to move