About Vex 5

Vex 5 is the fifth version in the Vex series. This version offers more challenges to players. In this game, you need to get over tons of obstacles on the road.

After the success of the Vex game series, Vex 5 was released. In this version, the main character is still a stickman. He will have to go through a dangerous path full of traps and deadly dangers. You have to control him to jump from one platform to the other and avoid deadly obstacles.

How to win in Vex 5

When taking part in a game, any gamer would like to complete all the requirements of the game and victory. So, what can you do to win in this addictive game?

Overcome all the obstacles in Vex 5

In order to become the winner in this game, you have to use your control skills and dexterity to help your stickman overcome dangerous challenges such as buzzsaws, spikes, crumbling blocks, etc. These obstacles are extremely dangerous, and they can take your life at any time. If you are just a little careless, you may lose your life and have to play again. Therefore, sometimes you need to jump on the blocks, slide down to avoid the obstacles, or sometimes swing. If you experienced the previous versions of this famous series, you will guess what to expect in this new installment.

Reach the checkpoints in Vex 5

The distance to reach the exit is very long. Therefore, it is annoying to replay from the starting point when your character dies. So, don't forget to run and jump to reach the flags which are the checkpoints. In this game, the checkpoints are so important. And it is really difficult to reach them. When you touch them they will be transformed from a red flag into a green flag. This is the sign that shows that you can save your game progress. It means you will replay at the last checkpoint if you collide with obstacles. Instead of a comeback at the start line, the checkpoints can help the player save time and not feeling of boring due to facing some obstacles again and again.

Game modes of Vex 5

Vex 5 has 2 amusing game modes for players' experience. You can choose a suitable mode for better gaming moments.

Standard levels

This mode of Vex 5 consists of 10 different stages. Your task is still to try to pass and avoid obstacles to the finish line. Only when you can reach the finish line will you be able to unlock higher levels. Sometimes you also need to collect stars that appear in the game. In particular, in this game mode of Vex 5, the higher you play at the level, the more difficult the challenges will be. This requires you to be more focused and patient to complete the challenge.

Challenging mode

Similar to standard mode, in this mode of Vex 5 you also need to complete the task, avoiding deadly obstacles. However, in this challenging room, you will face many higher levels. The challenging room consists of 30 levels and a timed marathon of dangerous riddles. If you have to restart the game, the order will change. This mode is suitable for people who want to challenge themself.

Special things about Vex 5

This is an action game that combines puzzles that are very well-received by the gaming community. There are a few things about this game that you need to know to make it easier to conquer the game.

Tips for Vex 5

On some levels, you have to try many times to get an experiment and find out the way to exit. Remember to learn useful moves and tricks according to instructions along the way. In this game, you will not be limited to the number of times you play, but the game will give you statistics about the total number of times as well as the time it takes you to complete each level. You can look there to keep trying harder and save time as well as lives to complete more challenges.

The trophies board

Vex 5 has a trophy table where the player's good achievements are recognized. Here, you can track your achievements in standard acts, in hardcore mode, awesome stuff, or completion. All these trophies are proof of your excellence in Vex 5. Can you gap-fill all of them? Of course, achieving these achievements is not easy, you need time to do this. But as long as you focus on playing, it probably won't be too difficult. Besides Vex 5, there are many other attractive games that are also worth trying, such as Stickman Parkour, Impostor, or Backflip Dive 3D.

How to control

  • Use the arrows or WASD to move
  • R key to restart a level