About Stickman Parkour

Stickman Parkour is a jumping game in which you have to help the stickman on his adventure. Control him to overcome all obstacles on the road.

The number of online games is increasing and rich. You can see many games inspired by cartoon characters like Money Land, from important occasions like Parkour Block Xmas Special. More interestingly, there are video games that will take the theme of parkour as the main theme like Stickman Parkour. This game is the ultimate combination of Stickman games and parkour games. Our main character will be a red stickman and he will perform cool parkour jumps. He needs to get to the portal by jumping from block to block in the sky.

What happens in Stickman Parkour

A brave Stickman is on his adventure to explore an exciting world and huge space for awesome maneuvers. And he needs your help, let's accompany the stickman to overcome all difficulties. Enjoy interesting 2d graphics and easy gameplay, you will have a great time with this game.

At the start of the game, you will see your character appear on a platform high in the sky. With such a height, your character will disappear as soon as you fall. Therefore, the platforms lying in the air are the only chance to help the main character escape from here. These platforms are very special blocks. They can move or even disappear when you touch them. Go through them skillfully and carefully. Each time you pass through a portal, you will level up.

The objective

Your final mission is to reach the purple portal at the end of the road. Then, you will advance the level. If you fall from the blocks, you will have to start the level again. This game has no time limit, so you will have more time to think and measures and strategies to overcome difficulties. However, choose a safe block to stop and don't stop at dangerous locations.

How to play

You have to face many obstacles and deadly traps on the way. Therefore, you need to use your skills to get over them. You can jump, slide over the objects and jump from one platform to the other. Don't fall down into the gaps or the lava unless you want to end the game. Although the game offers easy gameplay, it is hard to master. Always remember, when you get to high levels, the difficulty will also increase, players need to handle it calmly and carefully if you want to conquer all levels! When playing the game, you need to know the distance between blocks to make reasonable jumps. Jumping too long or too long will also make you have to play this game again. You can also challenge your friends to see who can pass the most levels.

Tips to conquer Stickman Parkour

  • You should be familiar with all kinds of blocks first. Then, you can have suitable jumps.
  • Playing this game in the full-screen mode can bring a better experience to you.
  • You can play on mobile or desktop and it runs directly on the web browser.

Some traps and special platforms

Green platforms can bounce your character highly. Therefore, you can utilize them to overcome many high traps or reach the top blocks.

Blue platforms are very slippery, so you need to jump to other blocks immediately. Your character can slip out of these blocks if you don't move him to another safe location. However, this does not mean that you will not be able to jump on these blue platforms. Use them wisely and safely.

There are some weak yellow platforms which can fall as soon as you touch them. Yellow blocks are also a position that cannot be stopped for long as they will disappear very quickly. Use them for a short time to jump to a safer block.

Be aware of the iron traps which can shoot arrows at you. You can avoid these arrows because their speed is not too fast. These arrows will push you out of the block. They won't hurt you right away.

More information about Stickman Parkour

  • This game offers more than 50 levels for players to play. Therefore, you can be bored when playing this game because of the difficulty of multiplier levels.
  • This game is directly inspired by the classic Minecraft game. Therefore, you will see blocks, flowers or portals that will be designed to resemble the graphics in the classic game. Does this attract you?
  • Stickman vs Monster School Team developed this fun game.
  • Children can also play this game as it does not contain violent or flashy images. Besides, it can also help them improve their controllability and estimation.

How to control

  • Use A/D or left/right arrows to move left or right
  • Press the up, the spacebar or W key to jump.