About Dead Zed (No Blood)

Survive waves of zombies

Play Dead Zed (No Blood) to join the plan to survive in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Shoot down as many undead as possible and seek the survivors.

One day, you wake up and realize that you are in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Suddenly, you hear the sound of the broadcast. It tells you to survive 40 days in the place. After 40 days, the help will arrive and you will be rescued.

Fortunately, you are offered a sniper rifle that can be used to kill zombies. The zombies will get close to the house where you are staying. Therefore, you need to stand in front of the broken window and shoot it down them. Try to aim accurately to avoid wasting your bullets. When all zombies are cleared, the day will end. You can move to the next location on the map to fight against a new wave of zombies and seek survivors.

When you find any survivors in this place, you have to assign them different missions such as shooting, repairing, and searching. The one who is assigned a shooting task will use fighting skills to help you shoot off the walkers. The one who has a repairing task will utilize the repairing skills to minimize the damage done to the barricades. The final person will use the fight and search skills to search for weapons and survivors. Unassigned survivors will be distributed randomly to defensive roles right before the attack. When all tasks are assigned, you will enter a new place and join an exciting shooting fight against zombies. Note that the places where you went through will be marked with an X symbol. The other places will be marked with a quest symbol.

Upgrade your guns

Like CS Online, this game offers many guns. Specifically, there are 10 guns. You must go to different buildings and the search party will help you seek these guns. When you have many guns, you can choose one of them to fight against the zombies. Note that the pistol and shotgun are only suitable for a melee attack. If you want to knock the zombies down from a far distance, you should use sniper rifles. You can repair your barricades. However, it will take time. If you spend too much time repairing your gun, you will have no time to look for a search party.

Play this game now and let's see whether you can stay alive until the help arrives. This game is the no-blood version of Dead Zed which was developed by 3kggames. Initially, it was launched as a Flash game. In October 2020, the game was updated to be playable on the web browser. You can use a PC or mobile phone to play it now. If you find it interesting, you can share the game with your friends or relatives. Hope that you will have a good time!

How to control

Click the left mouse button to shoot

Press an R key to reload ammo

Press 1 and 2 keys to change weapons

Press an F key to change the fire mode

Press an M to mute

Useful strategies to survive in Dead Zed

Pay attention to zombies in red

In the arena, you will see four kinds of zombies. The first one is the zombies wearing gray clothes. These zombies move very slowly and you can kill them easily. The second one is the zombies wearing red clothes. These zombies can run faster than the zombies in gray. The third one is the zombies wearing hats. The running speed of these zombies is super fast. Therefore, if you see them, you must prioritize shooting at them first. The final one is naked zombies. Although they walk slowly, it is difficult for you to kill them. Shoot constantly at them to make sure that they die before reaching the building.

Stop zombies from reaching the building at all costs

Do your best to stop zombies from getting close to the building. If they reach it, the search party and other survivors can be killed. When all survivors are eliminated, you will become their target. Therefore, it is important to protect the survivors at all costs. The number of zombies will increase whenever you move to the next building. Therefore, you can have difficulty eliminating zombies. I suggest you assign more survivors to join the shootout. Just ask for one survivor to repair the guns and another one to search for weapons and survivors.

Aim at the head of the zombies

The heads of the zombies are their weakness. You should aim at their heads to kill them with one shot. However, some zombies wear hats that will protect their heads from your bullets. To take them down, you can aim at other parts of their body and shoot constantly.