About Diggy

In Diggy, you explore the earth's interior in pursuit of unimaginable treasure. Find the interior of the soil with Diggy to locate the missing truffle. Diggy is a cute little mignon that is starting a new career and needs your assistance. Can you assist him in his journey?

Our tiny mignon has a challenging task to do. It is almost hard for him to dig anyplace since he is constantly exhausted. However, his reward is extremely appealing when he looks in the right spots. In an endeavor to get affluent, he likes digging anywhere he can and acquiring new minerals or stones. But you may make his work easier. Use your radar to guide our hero as effectively as you can, pointing out the nearby jewels. As you uncover more gems every day, your mining skills advance. Don't forget to improve your overall energy, drilling, and radar capabilities as well! When your days as a miner are over, let's examine your future!


  • Colorful 2D graphics.
  • Use radars to play a game.
  • Improvements to minerals, abilities, and tools.
  • The accompanying bar displays the remaining power.

How to play

While controlling your character with the computer mouse and the WASD or arrow keys, you may dig into the ground.