About Endless Siege

In the computer game Endless Siege, the adversary that crossed the bridge is banging on your door. You must protect your assets at all costs. After positioning your power units and enhancing them in line with the strength of the attack wave, fully wipe out the opposition. If you are prepared to defend your land right immediately, let the enemy assault you!

The rule of Endless Siege

The only person in command of this empire is you. Nobody else can rob you of that type of power! You are now playing one of the most well-known tower defense games. This game falls under the same rules and guidelines as other intriguing games in this category. Prevent attack from any enemy. If you find anyone infiltrating your base, do not hesitate and immediately destroy him. Building a solid defense tower system is the best way for you to protect your base from danger.

The feature of Endless Siege

On the other side, this game just has one feature. The organization of your kingdom is ever-changing. Different maps display different problems every day. On a mountainside covered with snow or by the sea, you can be relaxing and soak up the sun. Your first concern is always to keep your land safe. Any passage that passes across any animal habitats is off-limits to your power units. You can use additional units or make your current ones better. An important factor to take into account is how many opponents may pass from the top of the screen at once. You may speed up the waves by dragging the bottom right corner of the screen.

The way to victory in Endless Siege

In this defense game, you will face many waves of enemies. Each wave has various opponents with the aim attack and territory your invasion. Can you survive and defend your territory through waves of enemies?

Build a strong base to defend your enemies in Endless Seige

In this exciting game, your enemies will attack in waves with large numbers of enemies each time. If you cannot stop their advance, the enemy will successfully invade your territory and you will lose. Therefore, to stop the enemy, you need to build yourself a strong defense system. Endless Siege allows players to build defensive towers to attack enemies when there are signs of sovereignty infringement. However, you will only be able to build towers in vacant locations. In addition, at locations where there are old towers, you can't build new towers or destroy them. There is a note for you when participating in Endless Siege, which is to first focus on building towers at the positions closest to the entrance. If you do so, when the enemy troops attack the base, your territory will immediately be protected, preventing overcrowding when they have penetrated deep into your base.

Continuously upgrade defense towers in Endless Seige

The enemy's attacks will become stronger and stronger. They will probably attack your base with more enemies, and their minions will also be upgraded much stronger. Therefore, you will also spend more time and effort to destroy those soldiers. To ensure the safety of your base, you should also upgrade the defense towers to withstand the strong attacks of the enemy. So how to upgrade the defense tower? For each enemy you kill, you will receive coins. Thanks to those coins you can upgrade your existing defensive towers to a higher level, with greater damage to enemies. In addition, you can also build more advanced defensive towers to ensure more intense attack power. In Endless Siege, there are up to 4 types of defense towers for you to choose from and build in your base. Higher-priced towers will yield greater efficiency. With each such tower, once built, you can upgrade them to a higher level. Furthermore, if you want to change from one tower type to a more advanced tower type, you can tear them down and sell them, and then build another defensive tower in their place. Remember, your enemies will be continuously upgraded, and so should your defense towers!

Some notes for you when joining Endless Siege

In this game, every day you will have the opportunity to experience a different map. Maybe today you see the game interface as a sunny area, but the next day when you come back it is covered with snow. This is one of the special elements of Endless Siege that makes players extremely excited. Thus, you can access the game daily to enjoy different maps and different experiences in Endless Siege. In addition, we can also offer you many other games that are equally attractive. If you're interested in running games, don't forget to join Geometry Dash Bloodbath, Geometry Dash Lite, and Geometry Dash Meltdown.

How to control

Use the mouse to control the game.