About Going Balls

You must manage a ball while navigating challenging obstacles in the adventure game Going Balls. You're about to go on a challenging rollerball voyage! Can you successfully negotiate these streets while savoring the difficult gameplay and gorgeous graphics?

In this game, there are numerous levels with platforms made just for one little ball. You'll roll the balls on the ground and attempt to cross the finish line at each level in the sky. The first level makes a range of levels and environments visible. During the advanced rounds, there will be a variety of environments and gorgeous vistas to take in. There will definitely be new challenges to conquer, and the roadblocks will probably alter. There are no longer any side support bars, huge hammers whirling around the road, ramps to jump over, etc. You may unlock new skins by using the money you earn by finishing levels and collecting them along the way. To discover how many levels your adventure has, simply keep dragging the ball forward using the arrow keys!


  • Infinite levels.
  • Intuitional skills.
  • A difficult yet fun gaming experience.
  • Fun video games.
  • Available skins.

How to play

The arrow keys can be used to move the ball.