About Imposter Expansion Wars


Imposter Expansion Wars is a game of invasion played online in which players command their own armies and swiftly encroach onto those of their opponents. This game, which includes the imposters and staff from Among Us Games, is one of the best at fusing strategy with combat. The genre has never seen anything like the journey you are about to go on, therefore you shouldn't miss it for everything in the world.

How is success possible? Your approach must incorporate mathematics, numbers, and counting since this game, like the majority of all wars, real or imagined, is won by numbers. Move your fake army with the mouse from one tower to the next to find the best route through the most people.

To increase the number of fighters you have, you can move your troops among your towers. As soon as you have enough men to take out its defenses, you can attack an enemy's tower. Because of their greater numbers, your attackers will be more successful against you if they have more imposters. Each task's map will be more difficult than the one before it, so stay focused, give it your best, and succeed. If not, try again; we're certain that things will move more smoothly this time. Moreover, you can play other strategy games such as Ninja Cut on Parkour Block 3D.

Play the game on various level

In this game, you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself on 30 different levels. Each challenge is its own difficulty. In the early levels, the game is quite simple when you are the one who has the advantage. Here, the number of towers you receive will be more than the enemy. You develop soldiers and destroy enemy barracks to pass the level. Because the early levels are pretty easy, you can practice yourself in these levels and get used to the gameplay.

When at level 5 onwards, the game will become more balanced when you and the enemy will have an equal number of minions. You must try to capture the tower of the game first. When the game's turret is gray, it will be in the neutral position. This means that turrets will attack both you and your enemies. However, when you capture the gray turret and turn it blue, it will attack your enemies. Conversely, if you let the enemy capture the turret first, it will attack you. Try to capture the turret first and gain the advantage for yourself.

At higher levels, the advantage will no longer be in your hands. Your enemies will have more towers than you. What you need to do is quickly capture the enemy's tower. You must have a reasonable strategy to be able to steal the enemy's tower. Because the enemy has more turrets than you, you have to quickly come up with a reasonable strategy, or you lose. This mode challenges your leadership, it requires you to have the right tactics to win. Are you ready to take part in tough challenges in this game? Play and prove you are a great strategist.

About tower

The game has 2 main types of towers, which are cannon turret towers and normal towers

  • Normal Tower: This is the basic tower type of game. At the start of each battle, you and your enemies both have these towers. It has the effect of increasing your troops. Every second the turret gains 1 minion. You capture all these turrets on the map and win.
  • Turret Tower: This type of tower is usually in a neutral position. You need to capture it to attack the enemy. Turrets will not increase your troops, however, they will launch an attack when it detects an incoming enemy. Each turret hit will kill one minion.

How to play


Imposter Expansion Wars is a fierce war. Your mission in this game is to capture all the enemy barracks and win. You need to quickly capture the towers to increase your soldiers. You will win when you kill enemy minions on the map.


In this game, you use the mouse to control the soldiers. You click on your minion turret to choose where the soldiers leave the field, then you click on another turret to mark the soldier's destination. However, you can only move minions between 2 towers next to each other. To send soldiers far away you need to have intermediate turrets. Transport troops properly to win the game.

Tips and trick

This game has a fairly simple way, but winning the opponent is a difficult thing. To win the game you need to take advantage of yourself. You capture the turret tower so that it attacks the enemy's troops. Because turrets can not spawn soldiers on their own, you need to send soldiers here to prevent the enemy from being able to capture your tower.

When you are at a disadvantage you can use some of the game's Power-ups

  • Freeze: It freezes enemy towers and enemy minions for 3 seconds
  • Build-up: It upgrades your normal towers, this power-up helps your towers generate minions faster.
  • Rule: It changes the rules of the game and makes neutral towers yours.