About Jump On 2

Jump On 2 is a sky-high jump game that lets you jump over unlimited levels of the sky while experiencing one of the thrills you would get from a ball.

By October 3, 2022, this game will be available. Synk Inc. The gameplay of this game is difficult despite its simplicity. Your only goal is to move over several platforms that are located above the floors of an endlessly stacked structure. Playing this game requires clicking on the screen. The ball will go up the ladder-like structure one vibration at a time with each click. To win a game, you must keep an eye on both ends of each level. The building sways automatically, sending the ball to the skewed side. In order to prevent it from falling off and failing, you should now wait for the ball to go toward the side with a closed end. When you bump, you should try to collect benefits like additional time. Let's check your record and see how far you can go now!


  • Vivid 2D visuals.
  • On an unlimited level, try to beat your previous best.
  • Balls that can be unlocked by collecting coins.
  • Time incentives are offered.

How to play

To make the ball jump over the ladders, click the mouse.