About Novice Fisherman

Novice Fisherman isn't an expert, and his boat goes slowly. Move the boat and hurl the fishing rod to catch fish. If you spot sharks, drop bombs on them.

You are going to join the virtual world as a beginner fisherman, so don't worry if you are in the actual world. But after a few levels, we're sure that you'll get better, at least with your skills in the realm of online gaming! This only means that you have plenty of time to goof up and make mistakes.

First, make sure to load 100% of the game to enter the main screen of this entertaining game. Here, you can see the first vivid images of the underwater world in which you mainly operate. There are many sea species with different colors. They are swimming freely. Can you catch all the fish and win the biggest prize? Press the Play button and start this game right away!

Basic Rules Of Novice Fisherman


You will transform into a fisherman in this fish game and participate in sea adventures. Your mission is to control your boat and you can toss your net into the water. Bring the net back to the surface after each fish you catch to earn your points. Try to catch as many fish as possible in the shortest time to complete each level. The more fish you catch, the more point you get. Because this arcade game requires a limited time for each level, you have to try to get the target score as soon as possible. If you waste so much time, it can be possible to lose a level.

For example, at level 1, you have 1 minute and 30 seconds to get 250 points. Time will not stop counting down. Every second is precious.

To pass a level, you must earn a particular number of points in a given length of time. Each level will require a different number of points and the corresponding time. The higher the level, the higher the difficulty level. Through levels, you can improve your fishing ability. Therefore, you don't need to worry about the difficulty of this game. You just need to focus and practice over and over again. All challenges can be overcome. It is the same way for you to overcome the difficulties of Parkour Block 3D.

Sea Creatures To Drop Hook

There are many different species of marine life in your fishing area. You might see creatures like fish, seahorses, starfish, jellyfish, or sharks. Each of these animals gives you a different score. The rarer the creature, the more points you get. However, it is difficult to catch these precious marine animals.

Garbage And How To Solve It In Novice Fisherman

You should be mindful that your score may decrease if you catch trash or other unnecessary stuff. In the ocean, there has been garbage this is something that you should avoid. In this case, you have 2 options.

First, you can continue to take that trash out of the ocean and accept the risks it brings. Garbage not only deducts your points but also wastes your time. Therefore, you need to think carefully before using this option.

Second, you can use explosives. Explosives are extraordinary powers that you can employ sometimes. Use them only when you think it is absolutely necessary. Especially, in the situation where you catch garbage, you can use bombs to destroy the garbage and continue to the next drop immediately. However, this second way's limitation is the limited number of items. The game will give you a limited number of bombs, so you should use them wisely.

In-Game Items

There are 2 basic items in this fishing game: worms and explosives. Dynamite not only allows you to destroy garbage but also allows you to catch multiple fish at once.

Besides, the worm is the number of times you catch fish. Each fish will eat a worm. Therefore, the number of worms will gradually run out based on the number of fish you catch.

Fishing Ends And Rewards Received

After the time runs out, the game will end with two outcomes. If you reach the required number of points, you will succeed and move on to the next level. If you cannot reach the required number of points, the game will be over and you cannot proceed to the next level. In this case, you are required to replay that level and try to achieve the goal of the game.

Besides announcing the game results, in the post-level summary table, you can keep track of your current score and your best score. In addition, the game also gives you rewards corresponding to the achievements you have achieved. For example, I received 30 additional seconds for a level. This is a precious bonus for a fishing game with limited time.

How To Control

In order to play the Novice Fisherman game, you can use ASD keys and your mouse.

  • Use AD KEY to move left and right.
  • Use the S key to drop the hook.
  • Click on items to use.

After releasing the hook, the fishing rod will automatically pull the item you caught from the ocean. Move to the sides to reach a place with many fish and start fishing.

The controls by the keys are similar to the controls on the screen.