About Stack

The game principle

Stay focused and be careful not to topple your Stack! Stacking the blocks as high as you can is the assignment assigned to you. It may appear simple, but it's not.

This is an easy game that can let you relax and boost your concentration ability. You take the responsibility of stacking blocks as much as possible. This is quite easy, so you need to be careful with every centimeter. You will see a perfect stack that was arranged. To start the game, tap or click your mouse on the screen. You need to put the stack which is moving on them. Then, you can click the mouse to stop the stack at any time. Align the most suitable time to put it down. Try to stack them higher and higher. The movement of the block is quite fast. Therefore, you need to stop the block precisely so that they fit together as much as possible. The higher the stack is, the harder the game is. Try your best to put in as many blocks as possible.

You will lose a portion of the block if you stop it inaccurately. Your game will be over when all of the blocks are dropped. You can continue the game if you still have the usable blocks. The higher the stack is, the more score you will get. The stack has a lot of colors. The higher the stack is, the more color it will have. With a new color, you will get a gem. You can use your precious gems to unlock a new theme or new skin. You also can come back every day to join the daily lucky draw.

You will be drawn into these 3D vibrant blocks. This is an ideal game to check your reflexes and hand-eye coordination skills. You also can be keen on Ninja Cut, Shaun The Sheep Sheep Stack, and Draw Defense which are awesome games on the website.

How to control

  • Compute: Use your mouse to play
  • Mobile phone: Hold and press on the screen

Unknown things about Stack

Some tricks and tips to beat the game

  • Choose the most suitable time to stop your stack. In almost every game, time is the key. You need to put it down on time to make the stack as high as possible.
  • To make your stack higher, try to fit the stack as much as possible.
  • Anticipate the setpoint of the blocks. If you can guess the position of the block, you can put the blocks down more accurately.
  • Come back every day to collect more gems. It is a gift of the game. You can take it freely by daily lucky draw.

History of the game

This game was released in July 2022. It was created by Ketchapp. You can play this game on Android, iOS, and Web browsers like desktop and mobile. This is one of the building tower games. You need to stack the towers, or blocks and make sure that they can not fall down. You need to try to build as high as possible. Some games which have the same categories are Super Stacker 2, Cover Orange 2, and so on. This game was launched for the first time in 2018. After many versions, the newest stack was developed in 2022. The graphics of the game is an appealing thing when you can easily realize the change in the level or change of the blocks based on the color. Unlike other games which are in the same categories, this game does not have many challenges for players. You just need to use your block to build. Your stacks also are really strong and certain. However, in other versions, your block will have many shapes such as squares, triangles, and circles. In some games, you also need to face the wonky tower.

Some helpful information about Stack

The daily lucky draw

This is an important gift. According to the lucky draw, you can boost your gems every day. You can take it by coming back to the game day by day to play. On the second day, you will get 10 gems. The next day, the gems will rise up. The value of this gift will increase after each day. You can take it easy and you just need to spin to get the gems.

Unlock new skins

In the game, you will have the opportunity to change the skin of blocks. There are 22 blocks that you can upgrade in total. They are Random, Stack, Maze, Jelly, Retro, Zigzag, Stripe, Samurai, Women, Brick, Shanghai, Byzantine, Native, Platinum, Gold, Money, Marble, Wave, Voxel, Bumblebee, Art I, Art II, Art V, and Check. They have a diversity of colors, shapes, and styles which will make you interested. With monkey skin, your blocks are like the dollar. With Art I, your block will be a picture with a human face. To upgrade it, you have to pay 200 gems. Try to get as high as possible to collect many gems and unlock the new skins.