About Super RunCraft

The wildest run ever is in Super RunCraft! As rapidly as you can, dodge obstacles and run. Help your hero avoid getting harmed so that he can finish his run. Collect jewels as you move through the perilous traps, and be prepared to use additional boosters. Don't let this game's appealing design mislead you-it will make you insane! If you're prepared to begin the run now, do so.

Your main goal is to go as quickly as you can while avoiding any obstacles. Along the path, there are several hazards that must be avoided, including rocks, trees, and other items. Move using the right and left arrows, leap with the up arrow, and slide with the down arrow. You need to have great timing to play this game. When the obstacles are right up close to you, use the arrows to jump and slide. There isn't much time left, so if you don't keep sliding and leaping, you'll lose. On the left side of the screen, you can see your score. The gems you have accumulated throughout the game are shown on the right side. If you wish to change a character's look from the default one, use them to purchase a new one. You could view the results board at the conclusion. If you lose, you can continue the game, but whatever winnings you have are gone.


  • Vivid 3D pictures.
  • Characters from Minecraft.
  • Contains elements derived from Minecraft.
  • Playing is fun and alluring.

How to play

Swipe the screen or use the arrow buttons to move about.