About City Stunts

The setting of the new D racing game City Stunts is in a large city. Select a sports car, then do incredible feats on all the ramps and loops.

Release your stress

People often say that speed is a great way to reduce stress. In other words, driving supercars at high speed can help you eliminate your worries. However, this action can endanger many people along the way in real life. Then you can come to our virtual world in the game City Stunts. You will not need to care about the people around you because there is no one in the city. Of course, there will be no police and you are allowed to speed as you wish. Don't forget to show all your driving skills in this game.

Show off your driving skills

Prepare to demonstrate your incredible driving prowess on a city's barren streets. While almost anybody can operate a vehicle, true expertise is necessary to complete the most difficult courses. Put your seatbelt on and get ready for some incredible pranks as you speed off in your quick vehicle.

Drive the car as you like

The streets are now completely yours because the locals gave their approval to see the miracles you'll do with your automobile. The goal of this game is to drive around the city performing any sort of antics that strikes your fancy. On the main menu, press the play button to begin your extreme voyage. Select an automobile from the list of choices on the next screen. When you are ready to start, press the start button. Before attempting any stunts, take some time to drive about and become familiar with your surroundings. Drive with the WASD keys. To accelerate and do feats, use one of the platforms. Driving wears you out. Use the arrow buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen to go through the available selections. Try out several cars; each has a distinctive top speed and weight. A sports vehicle could find some platforms simpler to maneuver than a bus would on others! In the lower left-hand corner of the screen, there is a speedometer. When driving, exercise caution.

Why this game so attractive

There are millions of driving games on the Internet. In most of these games, you have to drive vehicles and complete a mission at the same time. Now, you want to try a new kind of driving game. City Stunts game is your perfect choice. In this game, there is no mission. You just drive the car as you want. Therefore, you won't stress about limited time or must-done tasks. You can drive the car slowly to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Besides that special feature, this game also was designed with 3D graphics. Each smooth movement and realistic pictures can make you feel like you're driving a real car. Each vehicle in this game is created the same as real vehicles. There are 8 vehicles which includes one bus. Just choose your favorite vehicle and start the game.

Because there are no tasks, some players may feel bored. Therefore, many challenging slopes are put along the road. You can take overcoming these slopes as your objective. Of course, this isn't easy to do and it also isn't mandatory.

How to pass the slopes

You will see many ramps created along the way. There are slopes that will be vertical or spiral. To be able to go up these slopes, you need to gain momentum very far. Use momentum to be able to go up easily. While in the game, you can also easily reselect your vehicle. See your speed by looking at the number in the bottom corner of the screen. If you want to try more new games, don't go to another page. Website we would like to introduce Shell Shockers, Catch The Impostor, Ninja Cut to you. If you love these games, don't forget to share them with your friends. They will appreciate you.

Tips to have better experience

  • You can enjoy this game in full-screen which can help you have a better feeling. Playing this game on mobile or desktop is available. Moreover, you don't need to install this game, just play the game directly on our website.
  • Children can also play this game. They will have fun when driving the vehicle online. However, parents shouldn't allow children to play for a long time. That will be harmful to their eyes.
  • You can choose the resolution for the game. Depending on your device, choose the appropriate resolution. For example, you are slightly on a weak device, we recommend you to choose simple or good quality.

How to control: The WASD keys or arrow keys are used to control your automobile.

How to play

The WASD keys may be used to control your automobile.