About Shell Shockers

Join thrilling shooting battles

Get ready to embark on thrilling shootouts with egg fighters in Shell Shockers. Choose the game mode and kill as many rivals as possible to earn golden eggs.

If you are searching for exciting games like Dead Zed ( No Blood), this game is designed for you. This game will take you to exciting shooting fighters where egg fighters are struggling with each other. As a professional egg shooter, you need to hold your weapon and shoot at other players in the arena. The more rivals you can take down, the more golden eggs you can claim. Therefore, do your best to kill as many enemies as possible to earn as many golden eggs as you can. Besides, you can pay your money to unlock egg shacks to obtain extra eggs.

This game offers 7 servers including Singapore, Germany, US East, US West, US Central, Brazil, and Sydney. You can choose one of them to get a chance to have fun with many players from all over the world. Besides, if you want to compete with your friends, you can create a private room and send the room code to your friends.

Customize your egg shooter

If you want to become dominant in the arena, let's customize your egg shooter. The shop in this game sells 14 strong sniper rifles, 17 shotguns, and 18 grenades with different designs. They have different prices. You must use the golden eggs you earn to purchase the most powerful weapons to become stronger. Additionally, you can find numerous hats, tattoos, and accessories in the shop. They are sold at different prices. Accumulate as many golden eggs as possible and use them to buy your favorite ones. Make your egg shooter look cool and impressive.

How to control

  • Press WASD keys to move.
  • Click the left mouse button to shoot.
  • Press an E key to change weapons.
  • Press a Q key to throw a grenade.
  • Press an R key to reload ammo.
  • Press the Spacebar to jump.

Interesting things about Shell Shockers

Available game modes

Like Racing Horizon, this game also has many game modes. Specifically, you are allowed to choose between four game modes which are Teams, Free For All, Captula The Spatula, and King Of The Coop. Each game mode has a distinct principle.

  • Teams: If you choose this mode, you and other players in the arena will be divided into two teams. They are a red team and a blue team. There are 7 members in each team. You must cooperate with your teammates smoothly to battle with the opposite team. Try to shoot down as many members of the opposite team as possible. When the time is over, the team with the most deaths will become the loser.
  • Free For All: If you want something more thrilling, you can choose this mode to play. This mode will take you to a random arena where all egg shooters are your rivals. You must struggle with them alone without getting any help. Do your best to kill as many opponents as possible to get a high rank on the leaderboard. If you can get the first rank on the leaderboard when the time is over, you will become the winner and claim many valuable rewards.
  • Captula The Spatula: In this game mode, you will play as a team. A random player has a golden spatula. If he or she is murdered. this spatula will drop. At this time, any player in the arena can pick up this spatula. If you have this spatula, you must cooperate with your teammates to protect it from your rivals. In contrast, if one of the members of the opposite team gets it, you need to attack him or her to capture it. Note that the position of the player having the golden spatula will be presented on the map. Therefore, you should look at the map to navigate the position of your target. Besides stealing or protecting the spatula, you also need to earn as many points as possible. You will get one point after assassinating an opponent. However, your score will return to zero if you let the golden spatula be stolen by the opposite team. Your objective is to gain the highest possible score before the time is over.
  • King Of The Coop: In this mode, your team and the opposite team will compete to capture the coop. When looking at the map, you can see a black circle with a crown in it. It is the coop. You need to capture the coop five times to become the victor. Do your best and good luck!

All maps

This game offers 54 maps with different names. They are Bastion, BioHazard, Blue, Wimblem, Bridge, Castle, Castle Arena, Catacombs, Cluckgrounds, Crowsnest, Death Pit, Dirt, Downfall, and so on. Each map is designed to have different terrains and features. For example, the Bastion map looks like a large castle while the Death Pit looks like a prison. These maps will be chosen at random whenever you click the Play button to play the game.