About Traffic Tour

The gameplay

Traffic Tour is an interesting racing game featuring many game modes. Drive your car to evade other vehicles and collect as many cards and coins as possible.

This game has fast-paced gameplay like City Stunts. In this game, you will get an opportunity to show off your driving skills. Drive your car to race on one-way or two-way roads. On the one-way road, you need to watch out for vehicles that go in the same direction as you. On the two-way road, you have to dodge vehicles going in the same direction but also vehicles moving in the opposite direction. Attempt to go as far as possible to earn the highest possible score and a lot of money. Note that some modes require you to reach the finish line within the given time. Therefore, you need to drive your car at a fast speed. Along the way, you can see many cards or coins. You must collect the target number of cards to complete the mission. If you gather more cards, the time will decrease faster. For coins, you don't need to worry. Grab as many coins as you can.

How to control

Press A-D or Left-Right Arrow keys to move to the left or right.

Hold a W key or an Up Arrow key to increase the speed.

Press an ESC key to exit.

Playable game modes in Traffic Tour

Career Mode

This game has many game modes, which is similar to Shell Shockers. The first one is the Career Mode. In this mode, you are required to complete 8 missions. Each mission has a distinct road, weather, and time. In each mission, you need to drive your car to reach the finish line in the shortest time to get the highest score without colliding with other vehicles on the road. Moreover, you also need to collect the target number of cards along the way.

Racing Now Mode

In this mode, you will get an opportunity to race with other professional racers from all over the world. After clicking on the Play Now button, you have to choose between three arenas. One of them is available for gameplay while the other ones are locked. You must join 5 seasons in each arena. If you can win a season, you will be rewarded with a lot of money, gold, car cards, and a key. Do your best to become the champion in 5 seasons to earn valuable rewards. Accumulate as many keys as possible to unlock other arenas.

Street Mining Mode

The third mode in this game is Street Mining Mode. In this mode, you are offered three options which are Endless, Free Ride, and Time Trial. Each option has a distinct playing rule.

  • Endless: If you choose this option, you need to race on an endless racetrack. Your objective is to go the furthest distance to gain the highest possible score and claim as much money as possible. Besides, the green coins are scattered along the way. You should collect as many green coins as possible and use them to unlock new cars.
  • Free Ride: In this mode, you are allowed to choose between kinds of roads including One Way and Two Way. Moreover, you can select to go at night, in the daylight, or in the sunset. In addition, this mode offers five roads. They are Highway, City, Rainy, Desert, and Snowy. Choose one of them and start your adventure now. Drive your car to go around and enjoy wonderful landscapes.
  • Time Trial: In this mode, you are requested to go as far as possible and collect as many green coins as you can within 48 seconds.

More exciting facts about Traffic Tour

The store

In the store, you can purchase extra money, gold, lives, and keys. They are really important. For instance, the keys can be used to unlock new features, game modes, and roads while extra lives help you stay alive more in case of a collision You can use the green coins you earn to purchase extra money, gold, lives, and keys. In addition, you should accumulate enough 15 car cards as possible to unlock a new car. Then, use the green coins to buy this unlocked car.

The garage

There are various cars sold in the garage. They have different designs and prices. You must accumulate as much money as possible to exchange them. After purchasing a car, you can use the green coins to upgrade the power, turbo, brake, handling, acceleration, and nitro of your car. They can be upgraded to Level 6. In addition, you are allowed to write your name and print your country's flag on the license plate. Furthermore, you can customize your car with cool colors. Use the green coins to purchase your favorite color. Change the wheels of the car to help it go faster.